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Stop Eating Out During Lunch To Stay Healthy And Save Money

The lunch time at the office can be pretty chaotic. Everybody wants to get away from work even for a while and hence, they go out for lunch to some stylish neighborhood cafe. You find yourself in the group, and though you were planning to keep a track on your expenses, you give in. That’s how most lunch hours start and more often than, they end with a crumpled bill telling you that you have spent $10 on a terribly unhealthy burger, a bunch of fries, and a soda along with it. Though it may seem like it’s not much, all your expenses add up at the end of the week and on top of that, the food you buy is unhealthy. Here are some tips to cut back on the food expenses and at the same time, eat healthy:

Buy A Cute Lunchbox And A Bag

This is your first step towards healthy eating and saving close to $10 every day which totals to almost $200 a month. In order to save more, carry a lunch box to work every day. If you have any lying around the house, all the better! To encourage you to keep using it, personalize or decorate it depending on your tastes. Get some DIY ideas from Pinterest and make it look even more special.

Prepare Easy-To-Make Snacks Ahead of Time

Snacks can be prepared as early as beginning of the week. After a trip to the grocery shop during the weekend, you can start an early prep on the snacks that you want to take to work for the week. You don’t have to prepare something complicated or lavish. Simple finger food is best so you have something to munch on while you work plus it’s easy to clean-up. Opt for healthy snacks like fruits, baby carrots, nuts, blueberry muffins, healthy crackers, granola bars, simple sandwiches, or whatever floats your boat.

Keep A Few Food Items At Work

If you can keep some food at your work place, then start with some of the snacks mentioned above. Keep them in your cupboard so that when you have hunger pangs, you don’t have to run to the nearest fast food kiosk. On days when you can’t fix your lunch in the morning, these snacks might come handy. If there is a fridge that you use at work, keep bread, and other condiments and simple ingredients to make a sandwich. Encourage others to do the same, as it will reduce the temptation to go out when others are going.

Fix Your Lunch The Night Before

Most people skip carrying lunch to work because of all the hassle they have to face in the morning. In addition to making breakfast, fixing your lunch box might mean getting up earlier and missing those extra minutes in bed. Most of us are not ready to compromise our sleeping hours. The one solution we suggest is fixing your lunch box the night before and keeping it in the fridge. The only thing you will need in the morning is a reminder note that you need to take it out to reheat before leaving the house.

Keep Less Cash In Your Wallet

It’s more tempting to go out to eat and buy something if you know you have enough cash in your wallet. That’s why it’s better to have less cash in your wallet as it limits your spending capabilities and sort of forces you to spend less. Keep the minimum amount you might need if there is an emergency. So that when you think of buying lunch, you will know you will be left with less than the minimum amount you prefer in your purse.

Treat Yourself Once In A While

Though it is great to save money by making your own lunch as well as practicing a healthier lifestyle, it is okay to give in once in a while. If your colleagues have planned a team lunch or your best friend at work wants you to go with her to the new neighborhood bistro, go ahead. Once or twice a month is fine and if you do not give yourself these small treats, life at work can get pretty boring.

The Internet has plenty of easy-to-make lunch ideas. Take help from a few and create your own weekly routine at the beginning of each week. This will help you decide what to make everyday instead of fumbling around with tons of recipes. It might seem hard in the beginning but keep reminding yourself the amount you are saving and the calories you are not putting on – that should keep you motivated.

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