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Surprising Ways To Turn Your Trash Into Cash

IMG_5350Did you know that the people living in this world right now make more trash than cash. An average human being actually generates about 4.3 pounds of garbage every single day and it all goes to landfills. So why not turn your trash into cash? This wouldn’t just save the world from too much garbage, but has also helped yourselves earn money and you can even teach this to the future generation.

  • TRASH – Bottles and Cans

Did you know that used bottles and cans can be recycled and can turn into something else that can actually be useful for yourself or for other people? One thing you can actually make use of your bottles is when you need pots for your plants. You can use plastic bottles from juices and sodas. Just cut them in half and there you go, you don’t need to buy pots for your garden. You’re not just saving money, but you’re also saving the earth by reusing plastics. You can also use your cans and bottles as vases. Just be creative and decorate it however you like it.

But if you don’t have time or just don’t want to put any effort on it. You can just simply sell them to junk shops or to those who love to recycle things like this.


Since we are in the digital age and technology just keeps on moving faster. CD’s may be very popular in the 2000’s but after 2010, it became less and less popular because instead of spending money on it, people just buy the songs that they wanted online and download it to their smartphones. And these smartphones come with a headset so no one really needs CDs anymore. What you can do is to sell them to the people who collects CDs, or any vintage stuff since they’re already considered to be kind of an old thing. But if you don want to sell them, then you can creative about it and use them as a decoration for your home.

  • TRASH – Old Clothes

IMG_5351Throwing away old clothes is something people don’t normally do, because there are a lot of things you can do with them instead of just burning them or throwing it away in the garbage. One of the many things you can do is to donate them to the less fortunate. There are so many people who would love to have decent clothes, but can’t afford them, so if you have clothes that doesn’t fit you anymore then put them all in a bag or box and donate it. Just make sure those clothes are still in good shape and not all torn and worn up.

You are not just de cluttering your closet, but at the same time, you are helping out the people who need it. But again, if you are creative enough and have the time and is willing to put effort into things, then you can turn these clothes into something else. If you have worn out denims, you can sew them up and turn them into bags or purses and even for your throw pillows.


The most common use of these old tires is to turn them into swings in your backyard. Simply tie them up in your tree using a rope and there you go, instant swing. But if you are handy and at the same time creative, you can actually turn them into something more useful like a chair or even a table on your porch or backyard. If you want them not to look like recycled tires, then you can cover them however you like. There are endless ideas when it comes to these things and if you can’t think of anything else, then there’s always the Internet to help you out.

  • TRASH – Newspapers and Magazines

IMG_5353You might want to think twice about throwing away your old newspapers and magazines because you can totally make money out of it. You can sell them on eBay because there are actually a lot of people who collects them because of the ads in that old newspaper, the more old newspapers and magazines you have, the better. But the best thing you can do to these newspapers and magazines, is to recycle them and make something out of it that you can actually sell.

You can make furniture like picture frames, bags or purses, basket, trash bins, and a lot more than sell them for a reasonable price. Just like what I’ve been saying above, all you need to do is to think out of the box and let your creativity get the best of you. You can also look for ideas on the internet. You can totally turn those trash into cash

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