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The Three Perks of Recycling in Saving Mother Earth

garbage trash wasteWith the careless and ignorant ways of disposing of garbage and the abuse of the environment’s natural resources, we are now facing an impending disaster as our environment is reaching its most pitiful state due to the beating it has been receiving from pollution. Almost every aspect of the environment has not escaped the damage brought upon by this event. Whether it’s the land, the air, or the sea, it has sustained a significant amount of damage.

Known consequences of pollution include climate change, damage to the ozone layer, the hastening of global warming, the expenditure of natural resources, and even the loss of wildlife. What can we do to mitigate this event? One solution that has been growing throughout the world is the practice of recycling.

Recycling is a practice wherein reusable garbage is refurbished into something purposeful and utilized again. Almost every country in the world has accepted recycling as a method to reduce garbage and preserve the environment. But what are the benefits that recycling entails? Here are just a few of those perks.

Reduce the Amount of Garbage

When you recycle, you reduce the amount of garbage. That’s because, in recycling, you reuse things deemed as trash and turn them into something purposeful. For example, instead of just throwing away plastic bottles that end up piling up in dumpsites and landfills, you can clean them out and reuse them as your container for water or any beverage you might fancy. You can also apply your artistic skills by turning a simple plastic bottle into a handmade terrarium vase. With recycling, there will be lesser garbage by reusing what is recyclable.

Lessen Pollution

Since you’re reducing the amount of garbage in the environment, you’re also lessening the pollution. It is a common phenomenon that landfills give out unpleasant odors that contribute to air pollution and often allow toxic substances to leak out and seep into the soil. This leads to the contamination of the soil that can poison water supplies and kill off the natural resources like plants and animals. This also attracts vermin and can be a cause of health problems.

Generate Income and Save Money

One of the best perks of recycling is that it is a potential source of income and allows you to save money. With recycling, you’re coming up with new objects by reusing garbage. For example, you can make vases, ornaments, decorations, and a lot more. Instead of just throwing away the things that you can save, you can still reuse them instead of buying a new one.

The right way of saving cash is by making furniture from scrap wood or metal. An outdoor bench would cost you money, but building one will only cost you time, effort, and a little bit of patience, but everything will pay off greatly (and beautifully!).

After knowing the different perks that come with recycling, the next step is to figure out what you can recycle. Here are just a few items which you can reuse or recycle:

Plastic Bottles

plastic bottles recyclePlastic bottles are one of the most rampant waste products in our everyday lives. Recycling them is a popular choice given their versatility. You can create a lot of things with just these plastic bottles. You can use them as your container for water or any beverage, like a terrarium vase or even as a handy phone dock or case.

Aluminum Cans and Scrap Metals

Aluminum and tin cans can turn them into materials for arts and crafts, provided that one is careful in handling them since the edges can be sharp. You can also collect and bring them to a scrap yard where they will crush and smash it for future use. Doing so will earn you a bit of cash. It might not be much, but you will still make money out of trash. (Imagine that!)

Newspaper, Magazines, and Cardboards

Paper is one of the most disposed waste products in the world. The everyday use makes adds up to an exponential amount of paper waste. One way to recycle paper is by collecting them and using them as compost since they’re biodegradable or bringing them to scrap yards where you can make money per kilogram or pound.

Food Containers

Food containers are made using plastic or glass jars. Once you empty the contents, you can wash them thoroughly and then fill them up with either condiment, other food products, or even accessories and knick-knacks such as beads.

Now that you know the perks recycling has to offer, and the different things you can recycle, why not start today?

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