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Want To Save Money On Your Wedding? Here Are Some Tips For You!

Weddings are an expensive affair. Not everyone can afford to spend big bucks at their wedding, but everybody wants to for sure. We all have our own circle of friends and family whom we want to invite to this special occasion to celebrate with. While celebrities have a whole team of people who plan out their entire destination wedding, for common people like us, the expenses of a wedding burn a big hole in our pockets. Most people tend to think that restricting the budget would mean taking out the fun part of the wedding and keeping it as simple as possible. While there is nothing wrong in keeping it simple, cutting down expenses should not be equated with lessening the fun part. Here is how to do your wedding right!

Keeping A Budget In Mind

This is probably the most basic thing to keep in mind in planning any occasion. Even before you fix the budget, you and your partner must sit together and decide how much money you can afford to put together. Keep your parents involved if they want to help with the expenses and if you don’t have any problems with that. The total amount should be your maximum budget. Now make an excel sheet and put down all the expenses that you can think of. At the same, time draw up the guest list. This will help you estimate how big a venue you might need or how much food and drinks will be needed. Look for venues that provide catering managers. Sometimes, pre-determined cost of food per person tends to become a lot cheaper. Once you have calculated all the expenses, keep another sheet for other kinds of expenses that might be incurred at the time of the wedding. Make sure that this amount is not more than 5% to 30% of your entire budget. Now add up everything and see if you arrive at your budget amount.

Choosing The Venue

Sometimes, settling for the most obvious choice might cost you more. Why not opt for out-of-the-box venues? It might even be cheaper and have a few upsides to them! Look for country clubs, golf courses, campgrounds, or a public event space if you are staying in a rural area. If you live in the city, local restaurants, museums, or art galleries often rent out spaces for weddings. Watch out for these options and give your wedding a quirky twist!

Choosing Among Local Businesses

Most of us want our wedding to be outstanding! We are always compelled to do something out of the ordinary to make it more memorable. In a bid to do that, we often neglect local businesses and try to get people from outside our locality to work on the wedding preps. This can backfire at times and also make a big dent in your bank account. If you want good work at a lesser price, it is best to get local businesses involved. For certain simple tasks, you can even involve your friends and family. For example, if a friend is good at bartending, request them to take the responsibility. If you have a relative who is an amateur photographer, ask them to be your official photographer for the wedding. Often, their fresh angles tend to make better pictures than professionals. For transportation, use chartered services instead of a limo or party buses. Family members and friends can also help you decorate the venue and you might not need to hire a professional decorator if you have an artsy friend who has some great ideas up their sleeves.

Finding The Best Lodging Options

To keep your guests in hostels, try and negotiate the best deals. The countryside is a lot cheaper than cities, so arrange accordingly. If guests are willing to stay in no-frills accommodations, compensate by giving them extra wedding favors! If you present them with a bottle of wine or a dark chocolate bar, they will certainly not complain!

Saving money doesn’t have to be a pain — it can be fun, too. Make sure your guests have a great time as much as you and your partner do. If your venue doesn’t offer catering, you can get food and utensils from outside. Think about some innovative way to keep the guests engaged while they eat. Building their own sandwich might be an interesting gimmick, don’t you think? There are plenty of ways to keep the budget low while staying within your budget. You just need to be creative!

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