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Ways You Can Save Money This Fall

The temperature is cooling off, kids are back at school, and fall is not far away. Fall is always a special season for us: seasonal food, music, carnivals, drinks — you probably don’t want to miss out on all the fun. But as the holiday spending sprees is about to start, you have to change gears, settle down, and start pondering about the expenses that will show up with it.

Though there will be plenty of free music and entertainment, activities such as hitting the pubs, having a drink with your pals, or going on rides in a carnival will certainly cost you some extra bucks. To trim that budget this fall, check these tips out.

Meet Up Old Buddies and Go to Local Football Games

Old friends and football, the combination can’t get better than this if you are a football enthusiast who loves to attend games. You know what to do. However, the NFL matches are way too costly than your local high school or college game. Purchasing a ticket might hurt your wallet while parking fees and other expenses are there too.

So instead of the NFL, why not go for a local high school and college football game this fall? If you’re college alumni, then find a group in your area, meet up with them, go for a local football game, or have a drink in a pub. You can always split the bill with your buddies to save money — remember sharing is caring.

Visit a Farm

Do you have a pumpkin farm, apple orchard, or any other local farm near your place? If yes, then don’t forget to visit them to support local farmers. A lot of farms tend to offer tons of fall-themed entertainment and food to its visitors. But sometimes it costs a fortune to enjoy the experience of handpicked apples or pumpkins. But remember, there are weekdays when they give extra discounts on everything.

Instead of the weekend, try to visit them on a free or discounted day to save some cash. Are you looking for some extra tips? Try finding the apples that have fallen off the tree instead of freshly handpicked ones. These apples can surely save some money, and there’s nothing wrong with them. Before visiting with a large group, call up to inquire about the possible discounts on admission, as they usually give some.

Do Your Home Decor by Yourself

We all like to decorate our home on the eve of the festive season, don’t we? As the season is approaching, we are about to decorate our home sweet home to create a cozy atmosphere, and purchasing decor seems to be an easy solution. But to be very honest, this seems like an unnecessary luxury to me. Why spend money on something that you can do yourself? Cut up the pumpkins, fill them with small lights, and put on your doorstep at night. You can also light scented candles, carve pinecones to create a wreath. You can find several other unused items to make something decorative out of it. This will give your place a novel and vibrant look.

Cook Delicious Seasonal Dishes at Home

With the festive season around, a nice dinner with your family in a local restaurant might sound like a great experience, but restaurants and pubs tend to increase their dishes’ prices at this time. With so many fruits and vegetables the season produces, you can easily make delicious dishes at home to enjoy with your entire family.

From apple dishes and desserts to pumpkin pies, pumpkin pancakes — the list will go on. With fresh sweet potato, squash you can cook delicious mashed potato dishes and spaghetti. There’s no need to jostle around with the crowd, book a seat to have expensive meals. Instead, cook at home and save some dollars.

Shopping While Saving

When you’re out shopping, don’t forget to use cashback apps for maximum savings. Apps such as Ibotta, Rakuten can help you to earn a great amount of cashback. Once you start shopping, you’ll get cashback accordingly. The cashback starts at 1% and can go up to 10% or even more. You’ll get seasonal discounts as well. If you are going for offline shopping, don’t forget to check Ibotta to see which items have rebates and cashback offers. I use Ibotta every month and collect cashback to redeem. You can use it too and do Christmas shopping.

Fall is a great time to redeem your finances, in case your spending inflated over the summer. Make most of the fall without emptying your wallet. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice fall fun, but balancing your priorities is the key to save bucks. Remember that a penny saved is a penny earned. Happy holidays in advance!

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