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These Gorgeous Wives of Pro Athletes Are a Living Proof That behind Every Successful Man There’s a Strong Woman

Deja Lighty – Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell Jr. is an American professional basketball player. He plays for his team, Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After playing for the Louisville Cardinals during his college days, he was finally drafted for Utah Jazz.

While Mitchell gets ready to play in the court, Deja Lighty is often seen rooting for him in the stands. Yes, Deja is Donovan’s girlfriend and they started dating back in 2017. He often mentions Deja’s name as his partner in crime. Donovan keeps posting images of him and Deja, displaying some serious brewing between the two.

Deja is not just Donovan’s girlfriend, she has an identity of her own as an account executive at Cleveland Cavaliers. The duo has been going strong for some years and they show unconditional support in each other’s endeavors.

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