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What Your Favorite Celebs Look Like Without Makeup – Some Of Them Are Completely Unrecognizable


The Barbadian singing star has created waves all around the world with her music and has attained fame and glory with “Umbrella”, her blockbuster single which even earned her a Grammy in 2008. Riri can boast of a bunch of platinum certified albums in her kitty which also include the Grammy award-winning song, “Unapologetic”. The fashionista is known to be among those people in the industry who are completely real, and that implies she is an individual who knows how to accept and embrace her imperfections with elan. No wonder she didn’t think twice before showing off her actual self to everyone without a touch of paint, proving that makeup is absolutely optional for her.

Britney Spears

The American singer garnered worldwide acclamation and popularity with “…Baby One More Time”, “Womanizer”, and “Oops I Did It Again”, her super successful singles. She is among one of the best selling singers ever and boasts of selling over 100 million records all over the world. She is a successful entrepreneur, too and Elizabeth Arden Britney Spears, her perfume brand, is one of the best-sellers since 2012. Well, she is one woman who never shies away from showing off her de-glammed look and lets her fans take a sneak peek into her Instagram account where she posts her no make up snaps. Britney stays far away from anti-aging products and is a natural beauty.

Carrie Underwood

While the world is obsessing over face-contouring and cosmetic procedures, someone is showing off her post-workout face glowing with sweat right from the gym! Yes, Carrie Underwood seems to love her fitness routine. That, along with a good diet, might be the reason behind her great skin and health! The winner of the 4th season of American Idol has been stealing hearts since 2005. She has been one of the top-earning idols of all time, and in case you didn’t know, her wealth had surpassed that of American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, too!

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