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Lady Gaga Looks Unrecognizable After Her Mind-Blowing Body Transformation

Not all celebrities had a pleasant childhood. Many bullies picked on them and made caricatures of them because of the way they sang, acted, talked or looked. Some of the biggest stars we know today were once extremely underprivileged and struggled to make headway in life. Lady Gaga, the fearless and bold singer, fell into this class of victimized kids while she was growing up.

The Star is Born actress and singer commands respect with her bold sense of fashion and stunning roles in movies. But, in 1999, she was a fresh-faced girl blessed with lustrous brunette locks and a geeky high school look. The singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta was a far cry from the lady we know today.

Gaga attended Convent of The Sacred Heart as a shy teenager with a happy and smiling personality. Her childhood trauma weakened her confidence and made her suffer from destructive behavior, depression, and anxiety. She questioned her confidence before discovering what makes her resiliant in the face of daunting challenges.

Today, the singer has a brave personality that bullies cannot snub – even though the Oscars snubbed her movie role in A Star is Born. However, the movie went on to win other awards, which was a consolation to Gaga.

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