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Backyard Benefits: Here’s How Gardening Can Improve Your Lifestyle

If you think you’re healthy simply because you don’t have any poor health symptoms, then think again! Being healthy is more than just not being sick! Your health encompasses your emotional, mental, and physical health. Developing a stronger and more capable body will make you healthier, even if you aren’t struggling with an illness. Doing an activity that brings you a sense of fulfillment or purpose will also improve your health, just the same.

We’re here to look at what the humble hobby of gardening can do for you in your life! In this day and age, gardening is a long-forgotten hobby and has been trumped by social media, among others. There are so many reasons why you need to bring gardening back into your life, and you will be amazed at just how much you will come to enjoy it. All you need is a little patch of land and that’s your canvas. Or, if that isn’t available, gather a few pots and start a container garden! Be creative because there’s a lot of good to come from it!

A Sense of Accomplishment

A wonderful thing happens when you nurture plants and help them to grow by feeding them with nutritious compost and giving them a drink of water, protecting them from pests and pruning them. You feel a sense of accomplishment. And it feels good to be able to grow something. Especially for someone without kids, you can feel a sense of purpose and responsibility towards your garden that you would otherwise only feel if you had a pet. A garden is far easier, though – no house training or fur shedding involved!

Good Exercise

Many people don’t find the motivation to exercise. It is simply a boring activity or perhaps you look for every excuse not to because you don’t enjoy it. Well, the good news is that an activity like gardening all adds up to exercise! So you are actually doing your heart a good service by engaging in gardening, and the best part is that you don’t even consider it exercise so you don’t need any excuses not to do it!

Stress Reliever

It has actually been scientifically proven that gardening is a fantastic stress-reducing activity. Just 30 minutes of time with your plants can drop your cortisol levels. Concentrate on your plants when you’ve had a rough day and you may find yourself stepping back into your home with a smile on your face – and maybe a few carrots or tomatoes in your basket. Gardening is practically a therapy of sorts, and there’s no harm in channeling negative energy into a positive task!

Mood Enhancer

There’s more to the science behind gardening making you happy. Apparently, there happens to be a healthy bacteria that live in your soil and lifts up your mood when you inhale it. Sure, it isn’t the prettiest thought but it’s believed by scientists that inhaling M. vaccae increases your serotonin levels and in turn, lowers anxiety. This is true even if you simply take a walk through the garden!

A Supply of Nutritious Fruits and Veggies

It goes without saying that having produce directly from your garden is both nutritious and economical. Your fresh vegetables and fruit trump the grocery store varieties any day – the commercially grown produce is full of pesticides that can be harmful, too. Of course, grabbing your salad ingredients from the backyard is easier on your wallet than a trip to the grocery store as well!

A Time To Bond

Last but not least, gardening can be a fabulous family activity, especially if you have children. Teaching your kids the hard work that goes into the food we eat can help them develop a newfound appreciation for their salad and veggies! Not only that, but your kid is more likely to eat the roasted vegetables he or she helped to grow than those from the supermarket shelves. Foster a sense of unity in your family by enjoying an activity together. Enjoy the benefit of a stronger immune system through exposure to the dirt. What better way to enjoy time with your loved ones, right!

With so many benefits, there is no reason for you not to go out and plant something today. Start small, if you find the idea intimidating. Eventually, you can move up from your potted plant to a small herb garden, and then to a vegetable patch, and maybe someday to a small orchard if you have space for it! Your mind, body, and wallet will thank you for it if you make gardening your hobby today!

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