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Italy Plans To Save Dying Olive Tress With Trained Dogs

In Italy, popular dog trainer Mario Fortebraccio has revealed that he has found the cure for dying olive trees. Not through scientific discovery but with the help of dogs. In January 2023, the Italian dog trainer shared a documentary where he can be seen striding through withered olive trees with a 4-year-old dog. The angelic four-legged pet, Labrador, can be seen sniffing these dying trees tilting his head. Throughout the documentary, the white Labrador can be seen sensing something that human beings can not sense. As the dog nods his head in the affirmative and shakes it in disbelief, Mario Fortebraccio continues to take notes. Named Paco, the white little Labardo can be seen telling some secrets to the Italian dog trainer. And this is where Mario Fortebraccio believes lies the treatment for these dying olive trees.

National Geographic / Popular Italian dog trainer, Mario Fortebraccio, has revealed that he has found the treatment for Italy’s dying olive trees with the help of a dog.

In Parabita, Italy, there is a popular garden center called Vivai Giurana. This garden center has over 2 million olive trees. But in the last 10 years, this garden center has been hit by an unknown deadly disease. As a result of the disease, millions of olive trees have been withering. Now, Paco and other four-legged animals are being trained to assess the disease.

However, the dog trainer suggests that dogs do not respond to a query unless there is no reward for them. The dog trainer suggests that he is just a step away from reaching the bottom of the plant disease that is making olive trees vulnerable.

White Labrador May Figure Out The Causes of Italy’s Dying Olive Trees

Mario Fortebraccio is using Paco and other four-legged pets. Nonetheless, the dog trainer continues to reward these dogs for each the results that they bring in. Sometimes with a gentle pat on the head and sometimes with food, the dog trainer rewards these dogs accordingly.

Dog Talks / A 4 years old white Labrador, named Paco, is one of the leading trained dogs that try to trace the causes of dying olive trees in olive trees.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note here that the plant disease has been named Xylella. According to the early discoveries, Xylella is a deadly plant disease that kicks in at the roots of olive trees. Slowly and gradually, this bacterial disease eats them out – leaving olive trees dead eventually.

And this latest discovery that dogs can be handy in measuring this deadly disease called Xylella is a breakthrough discovery. Experts argue that these four-legged god boys can be pretty handy in saving these olive trees from dying.

BBC / Called Xylella, a deadly disease has been making olive trees vulnerable at the garden center of Italy, Vivai Giurana.

Furthermore, the Italian dog trainer suggests that Paco is just one trained dog that is currently working on sniffing withered olive trees. According to the dog trainer, there are other fellow four-legged animals that are currently in the process of training.

Once done with training, these four-legged animals can be very handy in saving dying olive trees throughout Italy. As mentioned earlier, Vivai Giurana, the largest greenhouse in Parabita, is the epicenter of Xylella. And the dog trainer is working with multiple four-legged animals to figure out the causes and solutions of the deadly disease that is making millions of olive trees across the country.

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