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Consider Using Time Tracking Software In Your Business

Businesses use time tracking software to maintain accurate records of the length of time it takes for workplace activities to be complete. The ability to track time spent on various tasks in the workplace precisely enables more accurate billing of clients and manages time more efficiently in the workplace. Independent contractors typically use time tracking software to measure how much time tasks take workers to complete and then bill accordingly. Examples are graphic artists and freelance writers. Here we take a look at some of the best time tracking software for businesses.

Top Pick Overall: Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has time tracking products that form part of the group’s comprehensive-time management package. Paired with project planning features, color-coded project completion charts, and communication, feeds, Zoho Projects offers workplace teams automated time-management features that even track hours according to the categories’ billable’ and non-‘billable.”

The software also boasts an easy-to-navigate interface that is very attractive. The software is also able to track multiple tasks at a time. The timesheets simplify the process of composing employee payrolls by scheduling times for approval automatically. Small businesses may use it with a maximum of five users for free!

Top pick for Freelancers: Toggl

This is a simple time tracking tool. Toggl is a software that tries to make time entry as simple as possible. You can integrate this service into over 100 apps. It also offers one-click timers. The tool further offers manual time tracking in addition to calendar integration. Toggl makes it easy to add this tool to an existing system. It works by breaking down the time spent on several tasks to help in determining billable rates.

The system works to filter data into reports easily and conveniently exported into either Excel, PDF, or CSV files. The software features tracking reminders and even has idle time detectors if you forget to stop a tier. It is an intuitive tool perfect for independent contractors. But the numerous features make it especially handy for larger teams. This software also offers free plans for up to five users.

Top Pick for Businesses with Remote Contractors: Tsheets

This is a cloud-based time tracking software. It is comprehensive and allows users to access the system using their web browser and through mobile apps. The system’s convenience is that users can clock in via text message or even through dialing in. It is a system that features a fabulous employee tracking system. It uses GPS to track and record employee locations using their mobile devices.

This is a handy feature for contractors that operate on remote sites. Tsheets’ software integrates with Quickbooks directly, and after the initial setup, it can synchronize the payroll and accounting information in real-time. This software is available for $8 per user in addition to a $20 base fee every month.

Top Biometric Time Clock: uAttend

This time and attendance software is a wonderful solution for small enterprises. uAttend is also cloud-based and doesn’t need desktop software installation. Employees can access the data from the system through web browsers, telephones, and mobile devices. They can automatically access from a variety of uAttend devices, including fingerprint readers, time clocks, biometric scanners, and more.

This system can track sick days, vacation leave, and time off as well. You may also choose a uAttend plan that fits your budget and your business needs. Plans begin to form $20 each month for a maximum of nine employees. Additional charges apply for devices, administrators, data exports, and other services.

Small to medium-sized businesses can conveniently use digital time tracking services or software instead of physical punch cards. You can gather data on workplace metrics, too, using the right tool. Time tracking software has many applications in the business field, and you can use a few as a stand-alone feature too. Or you could incorporate it into a project management suite. Simply assess the type and size of your business and your budget. It will help you understand the tool that’s right for your business needs. The right time management tool will help your business move in the right direction. Remember, in business, time is money, and managing it efficiently is what will take your business in the path to success. But make sure, you do ample research before you invest in a tool.

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