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The Corporate Travel Guide for Entrepreneurs

Corporate Travel Made Easy

If you are a business owner of a company whose employee travel for business, you need travel guidelines in place. The instructions will come handy when you’re sending off your employees on corporate travel. The health and safety of your team are essential when they are traveling, more so, when employees go abroad. The majority of the time, business trips tend to play out without any hiccups, but sometimes uncontrollable factors do play a role. As the employer, you need a solid corporate travel safety procedure secured for dealing with hiccups.

Cultural Misunderstandings

If your employees are heading to a country, they’ve never been to, help them to avoid any faux pas, by equipping them with information on local customs. Reading up on the cultural and business etiquette is also helpful in this regard. Learning a couple of phrases in the native language will make the trip seamlessly smooth.

Adverse Weather

Untoward natural calamities like floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or tsunamis might occur when your employee is traveling. Weather can be fierce, and in some parts of the world, some of these fierce occurrences are rather frequent. Knowing the weather conditions and keeping an eye out for warnings will help you prepare fro adversities. Warn and prepare your employees for such unforeseen circumstances if the visit is not avoidable.

Civil Unrest

In some cases, political instability has the potential to place travelers in jeopardy. Some areas have a risk of terrorist attacks and can be severely disruptive. It can also threaten your employees’ safety. Stay up to date with the most recent travel advice by travel safety and security companies. You can help ensure corporate traveler safety and security in the countries your employees will be visiting.

Unpredictable Local Laws

The employes that you send out will essentially act as representatives of your company as a whole. So it is important to ensure that these corporate travelers are aware of the local laws. Knowing the local laws will ensure that they do not accidentally do something illegal. For example, in some parts of the world, drinking alcohol or even smoking may be unlawful. Doing your homework and ensuring that your employees are aware of the local laws will go a long way. It will also make sure that your business is represented well while keeping travelers out of trouble.

Lack of Medical Support

Travelers are exposed to a lot of potential illnesses and injuries. More so when uniquely when they are in a foreign environment. Partnering with corporate travel specialists and equipping your employees with International SOS, will help you ensure employee safety. The business advantage to this is that your staff will return to their home country sooner if they are healthy and can focus on work efficiently. Imagine them falling sick in a foreign land and you have to pay for the extended days of their visit.

Preparing Travellers

When you are preparing your employees for travel, make sure you have a checklist of things. Some key points to talk about include having the right travel documents, like passports, travel tickets, visas, and also hotel confirmations. Documents like insurance, car rental papers, etc., are also important during visits to a few countries. Ensure that your employees pack all the essential items including their laptop accessories, for the business trip to go as planned.

A packing checklist is ideal in this sort of situation and can be used over and over. Another key point is ensuring that your corporate travelers know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Pre-booking taxis, flights, and hotel stays are necessary. Most importantly, don’t forget to supply your traveler with all the important details they may require should a hiccup arise. This includes International SOS contact details, local emergency services, and a contact person within your organization in case of any issues.

A travel manager or business owner has the responsibility to ensure that staff who are sent on corporate travel are always safe. Hiring a travel manager to foresee personal health and security issues, and to understand how employees will be getting around and interacting on their trip will help in reducing the load off the business owner’s shoulders!

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