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Five Business Tips You Haven’t Heard Before – Break the Trend and See Results!

There are a couple of business tips that tend to circulate, and when you’re looking for advice, you come across them incredibly often. We know that the old tips tell you not to check your mail first thing in the day or that you should set realistic goals for your business, but sometimes, we just want something fresh and exciting. Here we look at five business tips that will work – and they aren’t the kind you’re used to hearing either!

Jot Down Your Fears

Forget about goal setting for a while – yes, sure, it has its benefits, and if it is something that works for your business then, by all means, continue doing it. But here is something new to try: write down your fears instead. Give your fears some shape and form by writing them down, give it enough thought so that you don’t miss anything, and you will find that suddenly, even your greatest fears just don’t seem all that big anymore. By categorizing your fears and also coming to terms with them, you will find a lot more courage and most importantly, a lot more confidence.

Accept Mistakes

The idea is not to avoid making mistakes as many people would advise. Even the most prepared businessman is bound to make mistakes because part of being an entrepreneur or pioneering in an industry is to embark on the road less traveled or to venture into something that hasn’t been tried before. You cannot always be in the safe zone – not if you want to strike something big someday. In this case, failure is your friend. Look at a mistake or a failed project as a learning curve and realize that the only time any mistake or failure is a bad thing is when you do not learn something from it. Pick up and move on, but do it with more information than when you started!

Delegate What You Know

People tend to delegate all the tasks they do not know very well to others in their business, and they stick to what they know and what they are good at. It is time to realize that being a good entrepreneur means knowing everything about your business, and the best way to achieve this is by taking on the responsibilities and tasks that you know little about to force yourself to learn more about them. Besides, delegating things you know makes it far easier to keep a watchful eye on the fact that they’re being done right! After all, you can’t check delegated tasks if you’ve delegated the things you don’t know how to do!

Embrace Laziness

Okay, so we don’t mean that you should just throw up your hands and walk off – no. What we mean is that you need to identify opportunities where you can earn money easily off of someone or something like incentives, contracts, endorsements, new ideas, or trends. Whatever can multiply your profit or bring added income, allowing you to do more of whatever you want to do with your time is what you are after. Embracing these ‘lazy’ opportunities means embracing your freedom. Aim for exponential growth, not a steady curve!

Time Isn’t Money

We’ve heard that time is money, but while you can make more money, can you make more time? No. Thus, these two things are not equal. Treat time as something valuable because not doing so will render your time worthless. There are people who know the value of their time because they have decided it, and they can charge hundreds of dollars to give you their time. Be that type of person – but of course, within realistic expectations!

When you draw parallels between some of the world’s most experienced and successful entrepreneurs, one conclusion that you can certainly end up drawing is how the most successful of people tend to deviate from the mean – they’re scoring high by doing the opposite of conventional advice! Not all advice is bad, but it is important in the dynamic and competitive environment of today that we embrace change and that we begin to think outside the box. Some of the world’s greatest ideas, inventions, and companies were born from people who went beyond the ordinary (the Wright brothers spring to mind here). Yes, they were laughed at in the beginning, but ultimately, they definitely had the last laugh!

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