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Four Female Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

You may think that reaching the pinnacle of stardom is an achievement in itself (which is true) and Hollywood celebrities who attain fame and success are only focused on their careers. However, there are some celebrities who apparently do not get complacent after achieving success in their respective fields. With a lot of money in their bank accounts, many of them actually try to turn their hobbies and passions into business ventures. Here are a few Hollywood celebrities who seem to have business smarts like just any other successful full-time entrepreneur:

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé, an American singer-songwriter, once partnered with her nutritionist to formulate a vegan diet plan delivery service and even promoted this diet plan on Instagram. Aside from this, the entertainer is known to have a couple of business ventures, including a stake in an activewear clothing brand named Ivy Park. Since she is a very busy celebrity in her own right, juggling with her responsibilities concerning music, merchandise, real estate, clothing, and her family might be very challenging. Perhaps this is why she advocates for balanced nutrition. Her net worth of $350 million proves that she can wear many shoes quite effortlessly.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is not just the genetically enhanced super-soldier from Dark Angel, but she is a successful entrepreneur, too. In 2011, Jessica launched her consumer goods company, The Honest Company, which was valued at almost $1 billion only a few years later. How did she take her brand to the next level while managing her acting career? Well, Jessica revealed a few years back that building the brand was kind of ‘raising a child’ for her and added that she works for her brand seven days a week. Having a side hustle while being one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses is no mean feat and Jessica has just done that. Take a bow, lady.

Reese Witherspoon

In case you are familiar with Draper James, the lifestyle brand was created by none other than Reese Witherspoon. Yes, we are talking about the Legally Blonde girl. Witherspoon is one of those Hollywood celebrities who want to pay tribute to their Southern heritage. So the Big Little Lies actress founded this brand which emphasizes on her southern roots and her personal style. She also runs a production company named Pacific Standard, and this is the production company that rolled out commercial successes such as Gone GirlBig Little Lies, and Wild. She definitely knows how to create her own success story.

Drew Barrymore

 Winemaking is a widely known celeb hobby, but Drew Barrymore took her hobby to the next level by launching her own brand, Barrymore Wines, in collaboration with Carmel Road. How much time does the Poison Ivy actress manage to devote to her business? While she is a busy actress, she doesn’t just relax and let the winemakers manage the winery. She is admittedly a wine connoisseur and loves to get her hands dirty. When she is not acting, you may find her at Carmel Roads winery, tasting wines and helping in the process of winemaking. In the first year itself, the brand reported a sale of $50 million. That’s incredible!

Hollywood celebrities are often stereotyped and there is a widespread notion that these celebrities just sit back on their money. Now you know that it’s just a myth.

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