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How To Sell Your Artwork And Make Money On Etsy

Do you have a crafting or a designing hobby? Why not turn it into a venture from which you can earn money? Etsy is there to help you out. It is an online marketplace where you can display unique items. Be it candles, greetings cards, clothes, jewelry, bath bombs, or anything else, all can be sold on Etsy, provided that the items are handmade, craft supplies, or a minimum of 20 years old. Etsy boasts 3.6 million active sellers and almost 70 million active buyers. If you make something for people to buy, Etsy will provide you with the right kind of audience. But what’s the process? The following tips might help you.

Decide the Products You Want to Sell

This might seem a bit tough to you, but if you can make wise decisions and choose properly, you can pretty well start a new business of your own. Don’t worry if it isn’t a physical item. Many stores on Etsy sell designs so that people can get them oriented at home. In case you can’t figure out what to sell, go through Etsy and find what others are up to. You get an opportunity to gain inspiration. but never copy anyone else’s idea. That won’t work for you. Etsy happens to be the best platform to test your product. You can also order or create a prototype.

Decide on a Name and Logo for Your Etsy Shop

You don’t need to ponder too much over the name of your shop as it will hardly have any impact on how much you can sell. Also, you can rename it later on. Keep it simple. Before you finalize your name, go through Google to verify that your shop’s name isn’t clashing with anyone else’s. After you choose your name, you can make a custom logo through Canva – an online program that works like Photoshop but is much easier to use. It’s free as well. If you are not able to design the logo on your own, you can use Fiverr to hire someone.

Your Product’s Images Should be Clear and Attractive

When it’s Etsy, this holds more importance as compared to Amazon and eBay. No one has been introduced to your product before. Therefore, a great click can make a huge difference. This matters more than your shop’s name and logo. This is going to be rather easy in case you ordered or created a test product. Check out how other stores are promoting their products. Pick up a style of your choice and work on promoting your product in a similar fashion.

Save Some Money

As compared to a majority of online selling platforms, Etsy isn’t completely free of cost. For each listing, you will have to pay 15p. For listing six items, you will have to shell out 90p. This amount should be enough for you to kick start your business. A Standard account is free. Therefore. It will be better if you start with that. If you want to invest in an Etsy Plus account, the monthly payment will come to £7.30. With that sum, you will be able to access shop customization tools and bonus advertising credits to carve a niche for yourself. Etsy is competitive. If you want visibility for your product right from the word goes, it isn’t going to be that easy.

With that being said, if you don’t have that confidence in getting the right returns after paying the fees every month, you should opt for a Standard Account. If you are on social media, use your accounts to promote your product. Aside from these, figure out how much did product-making cost you. After assessing that, fix the selling price. If you don’t charge enough to cover the costs and aim for a profit, things won’t work for you. But don’t be greedy. Don’t allow others to surpass you.

It would cost you 15 p to list your product for sale. The period for each listing is four months or until the time someone buys it, whichever is earlier. As a transaction fee, you will have to pay 5% of the sale price to Etsy at the time of the sale. The processing fee comes to 20p + 45% of the total amount.

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