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Why Online Money Tips Won’t Make You Wealthy

If you are always looking for a way to get rich quick, you probably read a lot of personal finance management tips online almost every day. Like everybody else, you will almost always come across a plethora of personal finance blogs and articles. Most of these money tips are on the same line: “Do this to get rich quick!” You may follow some of these bloggers on LinkedIn and subscribe to their newsletters, and you may try to apply some money tricks without much ado. Some of these little nuggets of “advice” are so convincing that you may start dreaming about getting rich right after you go through them. But the initial enthusiasm fades away after one week or so. Why? Here’s the answer.

Are You The Only One To Fail At It?

Most of us tend to stop thinking about money shortly after reading all these money tips, no matter how pragmatic they are. Many of us also try to implement these in our lives, only to realize soon enough that they don’t work for us at all. This happens because we want instant results, and when we do not see any tangible benefit from the money tips we read on the internet, we simply move on. If you think that these seem to be useless in improving your financial status, do not worry. You are one of the hundreds of internet users who think just like this.

What To Do When You Forget About Money Tips?

Most of us are so time-poor that we do not even have a few minutes to spare to fully understand every bit of finance article we read online. After all, a majority of money blog subscribers see reading those blog articles as a spare-time activity and often skim them while taking a break from their busy work schedule. They DO NOT really want to become rich. If you really want to implement those money tips, take a pen and a paper, and start taking notes as you go through the tips. This way, you can easily memorize the tips and go back to your notepad whenever you need to pick a direction.

What To Do When You Feel Like The Tip Is Not For You?

Many money bloggers try to target a broader audience and fail to mention why it takes a lot of perseverance to stick to money goals. You will come across articles that preach cooking meals at home instead of eating out, but most of those bloggers fail to show how exactly you can save your hard-earned dollars by eating at home and how much you can possibly save every day. As a reader or subscriber to a money blog, you might make your own excuses and give up too early. You may blame it on the personal finance expert or your surrounding environment. What we really miss out is that we all want free money and are really reluctant to do all the hard work (e.g. cooking meals at home). To get rich, you need to understand that all that it requires is perseverance and strategic planning. For example, someone might tell you to invest in dividend stocks, but you actually need to do some brainstorming before investing in one. There’s no one-size-fits-all investment strategy.

What To Do When You Fail To Try The Tips?

Most of us are habitual procrastinators when it comes to saving money for the rainy day. We keep telling ourselves that it’s not the right time, and most of the time, we manage to find an excuse that really suits our agenda. We know that the tips perfectly make sense, and then we sit there and start watching some show on Netflix, while other people simply make money out of these shows and sitcoms which we binge-watch. What’s the biggest lesson? Do not waste time. You have to make time to apply those tips in your life. Do not do anything which doesn’t really interest or excite you. If you love football, start a football blog. If you want to save money by cooking meals at home, go buy some ingredients today.

Remember that you won’t get instant success and it might be a hundred times more difficult than you actually thought. If you can believe in yourself and in your inherent abilities, things will fall into place, slowly but surely.

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