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Top Tips On Planning A Fabulous Family Vacation Without Breaking the Bank!

It’s the school holidays, and you and your significant other have scored on some time off work. Yay! You’re looking forward to basking in the sun and splashing through the week, but you don’t want it to come with a hole in your pocket, right? We’ve all been there. Family travel does not have to burn through your savings. Here are some tips on how you can plan for a spectacular holiday without breaking the bank!

A Wallet-Friendly Destination

Obviously, if you’re looking to travel abroad, your costs are going to be a whole lot more than if you spend time within your country. But we all get bitten by the travel bug, and if you have the urge to set off into an adventure in a foreign land with your family, there is a way to do it! Do your research and make sure you start out by looking at travel destinations that offer good exchange rates with your currency. Likely options are South Africa, Thailand, Bali, and the Philippines. Also, if you really must go to the fanciest places like Italy, Rome, or Mauritius, look for cheaper areas that are still safe and travel-friendly while being a little on the outskirts as these areas often cost significantly less. Of course, if you’re going local, it is a matter of looking for the location that offers plenty of activities, and then look for an accommodation nearby that is affordable. Take note that self-catering and Airbnb offer better rates than hotels.

Ditch Dinner At the Restaurants

A family meal at a restaurant can cost a lot, and the money keeps adding up if you do it for three meals a day. This is still true even if you order takeaways. If you’ll be on holiday for a week or longer, it really is best to stock up on some groceries and cook with local produce from the store. This way, you avoid the inflated rates of food that are designed for travelers. Of course, if you cannot cook or if you simply detest the idea of doing it while on holiday, you could consider the local street food. Befriend a few locals and ask around about the good food, and they will be sure to direct you to inexpensive, delicious grub. Besides, this way, you get exposed to the local cuisine far better than in a restaurant.

Travel Off-season

If you have this opportunity, you should make use of it. Sure, it can be really difficult to get the kids off school in the middle of the term and let’s not begin with getting leave from work – but sometimes, things just work out in such a way that you find a window of opportunity when you least expect it. If you find the chance to go on a vacation, even a short one, during the off-peak season, you will be amazed by just how much you actually save.

Call Your Friends

Sharing the costs is a wonderful way of enjoying a holiday while taking the heat off your bank card. Many accommodations actual offer discounted prices if you are booking for multiple guests, and still more activities offer group price discounts so that you can do more with less money per person. It isn’t just cost-effective either – it’s a whole lot more fun to go on a vacation with your closest friends and family. Share memories and good times to laugh about for years to come, all while saving extra bucks. Going as a group can even make meal preparation a whole lot easier; and with so many hands, you can get a few dishes on the table in no time! Just don’t forget to pack your camera because there are guaranteed to be moments you will not want to miss!

All that’s left to do is to make the decisions. Decide where you are going, who you will be going with, and when you will be going – and decide soon! Don’t let procrastination set in because before you know it, yet another year will fly past without you going out on holiday! Have the kids join in on the plans and have them pick their activities beforehand so you can book in advance. Have fun!

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