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Do Away With These Six Things Right Now For A Better Lifestyle!

In a bid to switch over a healthy lifestyle, most times we concentrate only on our diet and fitness routine. However, our lifestyle means a lot more than that. It includes our sleep routine, our hygiene, and some other habits that you wouldn’t have even guessed otherwise. So here is a list of things that you need to change or discard in order to stay healthy and avoid diseases.

Are you guilty of keeping any of these in your house? Find out!

Chopping Boards

We all have that much-used wooden or plastic chopping board that saves our kitchen countertops from knife-induced scratches. Chopping boards are a life-saver no doubt! But do you replace it often? Well, it doesn’t exactly come with an expiration date, but truth is that since it accumulates a lot of dust and dirt, they need to be replaced every year if possible. We tend to have our favorites when it comes to chopping boards since not every board will give you the same precision. But for the sake of your health, you need to let go of them and find out a new one every year.

Kitchen Sponges And Scrubs

Sometimes, we are guilty of not replacing the kitchen sponge or scrub as often as we should. We wash our dishes with them all the time, and most times, we can’t really be bothered to go buy one. Even if the old ones we use still look okay, they aren’t really “clean”, and no matter how much you wash them, the dirt and germs remain in the sponges or scrubs. Would you let such a dirty thing stay in your kitchen and use it to wash your dishes again? Of course, it is not possible to replace them after every wash. But still, replacing them each month is much recommended.


Towels tend to show the dirt if used over a long period of time. Hence, we do replace our towels regularly. But one thing we all do in our households – keep those old towels to be used as cleaning rags later. Guilty as charged? Well, there is some bad news for you. Apparently, towels are covered with grime and bacteria that stay on even after multiple washes. So it is best not to use them as cleaning rags when you don’t need to use them in the kitchen anymore.

Expired Medicines And Cosmetics

When was the last time you cleaned your medicine cabinet? Even if you did recently, do you throw away your expired medicine? Often, we keep our medicine, thinking that it may still be used despite the few months that have passed, but this is such a wrong habit. Using expired medicine can be dangerous and it might also not be as effective when you need something in an emergency. The same goes for cosmetics. This is something we neglect a lot since they are used externally. But we should take equal care while discarding expired cosmetics and makeup items.

Canned Food

It is hard to resist the canned food aisle in the supermarket. It is stocked with all kinds of packets and cans that promise to make our lives easier while we try to balance hundreds of chores and tasks in and out of the house. But it is best if we remember that canned food comes with added sugar, preservatives, and other substances which are harmful chemicals and should not be taken on a regular basis. Again, these cans also come with an expiration date, and it is best to consume them within that stipulated time. But it is best to avoid them altogether and stick to fresh fruits and vegetables that can keep you full and are packed with nutrients!

Old Pillows

Well, who knew that old pillows can also cause health hazards? Apparently, old pillows collect a lot of dust and dirt that we bring from outside. Hence, they need to be replaced every couple of years or so. It might be your favorite pillow, without which you can get a bout of insomnia, but you should keep it only at your own risk! But if you can, discard the old ones and go invest in new pillows. Imagine this: you will get to buy a whole lot of new pillows that all look pristine and white without the stains and yellow marks!

As the first month of the year is coming to an end, it is time to say goodbye to your old and unhealthy habits. Get rid of these things and say hello to a healthier you! A new year deserves a new you!

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