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This Celebrity-Favorite Jewelry Designer Is Obsessed With Reptiles

Spanish model, DJ, and stylist turned designer – based in Barcelona – Sita Abellan, 25, is a complete snake-freak. For someone who has quite a diversified career, it’s amazing how she has had a side hustle since 2018. Her brand, Lilith by Sita, has already taken the market by storm. After all, the innovation lies in finding a quirky appeal and inspiration in snakes! Whether it’s the statement earrings, necklaces, rings, belts, wallets, and more – almost every item you see features some type of a slithering reptile. Contrary to popular notions, these don’t look odd, but fresh. Or else, why would celebs like Rosalia, Billie Eilish, and Kim Kardashian have the heart to sport them with élan? (Check out how Kardashian recently stepped out wearing the sleek metal choker by Abellan, one of her more nondescript pieces)

How Did It All Start?

Abellan’s passion for jewelry making started when she was working as a designer herself and extending her styling work, organically. She was primarily working for the reputed Columbia musician, J. Balvin. Since she took a great liking towards fashion and expressed beautifully via the same, styling and designing new pieces was no huge ordeal.

Out Of Everything, Why Snakes?

That’s the million-dollar question! Abellan is particularly stuck to the aesthetics that anything circling on snakes has. In addition to that, she pays foremost importance to the deep-rooted meaning of reptiles. She admitted how the connection between snakes and her is natural. There’s something unique that snakes seem to represent. For example, in the Bible itself, snakes are indicators of both good and evil; which is where the magic of the animal lies. It is that duality that the designer is awed at. In fact, she calls the snake her spirit animal which has a special significance in terms of transforming her life.

Even her name – Lilith – contains a special meaning. It’s not described in detail in the Bible, but Lilith was a renowned figure in Jewish mythology. Going by the story, she had been the first woman, who came before Eve but her characterization is that of a demonic creature of the night. That imparts a rather alluring side to the collection she sells. For a woman who is known to break the rules, she’s the perfect fit! In her eyes at least, that’s cool and is exactly what she wants everyone who buys and sports her jewelry to think.

What Is It That Stands Out?

Apart from Kardashian’s much-talked-about choker, the black brass snake hoop earrings are now a signature style that most people are looking for. After all, it was worn by both Eilish and Rosalia. Abellan never expected her jewelry to witness such popularity and sale. For her, the designs worn by the queens are the win-win factor. Her accessories, mostly made of gold or brass plating, are usually made in a factory by artisans of Milan, who have no less than two decades of experience.

She has churned out innovation at every step, but that doesn’t make her content. The lookout for designing things out of precious and semi-precious materials is still in progress and hence, she chooses to explore sustainable ways of creating. At present, she’s working on a new material termed recycled Zama, a type of brass that’s constructed of recycled materials.

What Else Will You Get From Her?

For others, it might be her fixation for snakes, but that’s not essentially the case. The designer who had once done a cameo, quite a casual one that is, for Rihanna’s music video (for ‘BBHMM’), confessed to being an instinctual person. She’s highly inspired by diverse work on tarot, magical realism, Dali, and all such things that spell mysticism. Anything that fascinates her, she ensures to start researching and delving into it right away.

Away from the world of snakes, her earrings and belts also contain symbols of suns and moons. Similarly, the necklaces are made of pop tabs and padlocks or even shells. The DJ knows how to collaborate too. Among her multiple collaborations, there’s the raven-inspired collection with Faith Connexion and the famous club-kid-inflected Fendi bag too.

The fascination for snakes will stay. But shortly, she has plans for collaboration. The next time, you might just see chameleons dictating her collection.

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