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Here’s How Embracing The Friluftsliv Lifestyle Can Transform Your Life

Almost everyone is falling in love with nature these days and is craving to spend some good time among the greens. In a study, “The Nature of Americans,” a majority of the adults said they spend 40 to 45 minutes every day close to nature. Three-fourths of the participants also admitted that being among the greens was an enjoyable activity for them.

According to the reports, more and more people are heading towards the wild. Many among them are first-timers, and that’s some good news indeed. Experts say that getting into contact with the wild for around 2 hours every week can boost your mental and physical well-being. Friluftsliv is a Nordic concept that speaks about living life in the open and getting the benefits of nature. Here is how embracing the Friluftsliv lifestyle can change your life.

Allow Your Senses Do the Work

To get addicted to the Friluftsliv way of life, you have to keep your eyes and ears open. The human brain tends to respond to three particular sounds of nature – the sound of the wind, water, and birds. Reach out for a place where all these sounds can reach your ears.

Enjoy the view rather than taking 100 photos of the setting sun and the orange sky. Listen to the sound of the rain, sit on the banks of moving water, listen to the birds chirping, and capture the sunset instead of capturing selfies. The awe of being in the arms of nature can boost happiness.

Head Out for an Active Vacation

If you are interested in an active vacation, outdoor activities are the best way to unwind yourself. You can indulge yourself in cycling adventures. You can also opt for activities like climbing and camping. Solo experiences can be a lot of fun too. Don’t worry if you are not in a group.
You will need only a week to acquire the experience you require to turn it into a habit of a lifetime.

The beauty of nature and such activities will keep you calling back time and again, and you won’t be able to resist the temptation of living life in the Friluftsliv style. As per a study, people who indulged in outdoor activities for three days found a 50% improvement in their creative abilities.

Keep Your Gear Handy

You never know when you will feel the urge to go out and lead the Friluftsliv way of life. So, save time by keeping your gears handy. Experts think keeping your gear near the front door will automatically force you to go out. Try to fill up your hiking and recreation bag with essential goods such as water, dry foods, sunscreen, a portable battery, and a headlamp.

If you are looking forward to a bike ride through the wild, keep your bike accessible. A loop inside an hour can work out just fine. Increase the duration later if you make more time out of your schedule. Try to choose an activity that won’t usually take you more than an hour. That you can get dressed up, hop on your bike, and come back home before anyone at home gets to know about your rendezvous.

Take Out Time to Hit the Outdoors

No one gets ample time throughout the day to do all the things you love doing. However, you will have to extract time out of your schedule if you want to indulge yourself in your favorite activities. Hitting the outdoors should be your priority, and there shouldn’t be any compromise with that.

Make a Friluftsliv list that includes all the things you want to do. That will hold you accountable, and you would want to accomplish all those on the to-do list as soon as possible. Go for a walk outside for 30 minutes. Go running. Shift your home to the outdoors. Consider nature as a portion of your nest. From exercising to eating, try to spend as much time outdoors.

Connecting with the green can bring about many positive changes to your mental and physical health and boost your cognitive abilities. So, what are you waiting for? Step outside the comfort of your home and embrace the wonders of nature today! This is what Friluftsliv’s way of life is all about.

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