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Are You Increasing the Risk of Breast Cancer by Making These Lifestyle Mistakes?

There are many lifestyle choices you make daily that either increase or decrease your risk of developing life-changing conditions, such as breast cancer. Though the cause of breast cancer is still unknown, many factors are known to increase one’s risk, including genetics, weight, and radiation exposure. Making healthy choices can help reduce your risk of getting this deadly disease. Breast cancer is a disease that causes breast cells to divide abnormally, mainly affecting women. Here are some lifestyle mistakes to avoid if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Eating Unhealthy Food

If you tend to eat a lot of unhealthy comfort food and do not get much exercise, you are likely to become obese and increase your risk of breast cancer. However, staying at a healthy BMI can significantly reduce your cancer risk. Stop procrastination, start eating healthy now!

Not Exercising Enough

If you find excuses to avoid physical activity and working out, you are putting yourself at risk of developing breast cancer. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and get exercise to help prevent breast cancer. For most adults, moderate aerobic activity for 150 minutes or strenuous aerobic activity for 75 minutes per week, as well as strength training at least twice a week is ideal.

Consuming Alcohol

Consuming alcohol may be a reason for reducing stress, but excess drinking of alcohol can be dangerous and increase the risk of getting breast cancer disease.

The more you drink alcohol, the more it will increase the risk. Hence it is highly recommended to change this lifestyle and incorporate other healthy beverages into your daily routine. This will help you out in the long run as you move towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Chemical Exposure

Skincare products and beauty products have chemicals and if you use them more than usual then it can drive you to various amounts of poisons, which aggravate the endocrine system and can cause breast cancer. Also try to prevent chemicals in furnishings, food packaging plastics, construction substances.

Smoking Cigarettes

According to t the research women who smoke or used to smoke are more likely to get infected with breast cancer than normal women. It also increases the risk of death after the diagnosis of your disease.

Delaying Pregnancy

Delaying pregnancy is very common these days, but keep in mind that if you don’t conceive before the age of 35, breast cancer risks are likely to increase. You have to make sure that you get pregnant and give birth before turning 40.

Avoiding Breastfeeding

Levels of Estrogen remain lower when a woman breastfeeds her child. Breastfeeding women have 4.3% or less risk than those ladies who gave birth but did not breastfeed their children.

Birth Control

Birth control methods sometimes use hormones, which increases the risk of breast cancer.

Women usually take pills that control birth, this is the main reason why it increases the risk, as soon as you stop taking the pills, the risk will go back to normal within 10 years.

Menopausal Hormone therapy

Menopausal Hormone therapy (MHT) with estrogen is used for reducing menopausal symptoms and for preventing the risk of osteoporosis.

Problems like irregular periods can also be dangerous, even though we examined no general correlation between irregular menstrual patterns and breast cancer danger, ladies who continuously reported irregular periods at the ages of 18 to 22 in 1993 had an inconsequential 35% rise in the risk of breast cancer.


Fighting a deadly disease like breast cancer can never be easy. Women who have a higher level of estrogen in their bodies are at a bigger risk of breast cancer than other women. Keeping a check on your breasts will also help, if the diagnosis is made early-stage, the chances increase to get rid of this disease. Improving your lifestyle not only prevents breast cancer but also can help you to stay healthy and active more than usual.

Some of the top lifestyle mistakes that can increase your risk of breast cancer are not being physically active, drinking alcohol, being overweight or obese, eating a poor diet, and not breastfeeding. If you can work to avoid these risk factors, you’ll be doing a lot to improve your chances of avoiding breast cancer. If you think you have developed some symptoms, do not hesitate to consult an oncologist.

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