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Did You Just Become Homeless? Here’s All You Need To Know

Suppose you are out on the street with all your belongings and looking at the place that used to be your home just a moment back. Why? Because you are homeless now. Your possessions are lying on the sidewalks and you are at your wit’s end, not knowing what to do and where to go. You knew this would happen as your ship was already sinking, owing to the financial storm that hit you. You probably had time to save yourself, or probably not. Just imagine. Do you have any idea of what a homeless life would be like? What would you be facing in your next phase of life? Are you even ready to face it? Following are some suggestions that might help if you ever find yourself in such a state.

Maintain Hygiene as Much as Possible

Not maintaining proper hygiene reveals the state of homelessness more than anything. You certainly don’t want others to find out that you are living on the streets right now, in case something unpleasant happens that you are not prepared for. If you can afford a health club membership, opt for it, but if that’s beyond your capacity, you can opt for the area shelters or even those churches where you can have free showers. You can also visit a state park that offers shower facilities. Public restrooms can be a good option as well. If everything fails, spraying air freshener on your clothes is the last thing you can do. Close your eyes while you spray and avoid your exposed skin or face while you do that.

Keep Your Car Clean

In case you don’t want people around you to be aware of your living conditions, you ought to keep your car clean. If you dry your laundry on the car’s windows, keep blankets inside, or open food cans now and then – you are making it easier for others to guess your homelessness. Moreover, the unsecured load can cause problems for you. If you face an accident, the stuff you have got inside your car can either get lost, be confiscated, or might even hurt you or others. Such events will certainly grab the attention of both the robbers and the police. Plus, you have those nosy residents to face as well. This kind of attention is not required at all.

Vehicle Maintenance is Required Regularly

If you are using your car as a home and as a conveyance to the workplace, it’s natural for you to take care of it like that of a newborn baby. Make sure your car doesn’t make much noise. Keep checking if the brakes are alright, change the oil from time to time, and check the fluids. If you keep it in a good condition, your car will look after you as well.

Befriend People Who Use Microwaves

You are homeless, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have the desire for a delicious hot platter of food at sometimes. Of course, you don’t have a kitchen. What should you do in that case? Choose a microwave. Try out meats, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and pasta. You can cook them fast and they are great to taste. You can come across microwaves for public use at gas stations. Make friends with the attendants and inquire if you will be allowed to use them. If you are carrying a microwave-safe container, make a point to clean it later too.

What About Nature Calls?

In case you are not parked close to a business that stays open all around the clock and allows you to use its restrooms, you have to search for other options that let you use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plan this much before you make your bed or you might be in a fix when you suddenly wake up at night to nature’s call.

When you lose your home, you have to let go of all those rights which were dear to you. You will be asked to leave places just because you don’t have a home. Your employer might fire you. No one would like to talk to you. You will be ignored left and right. This is a reality. However, if you are prepared and know how to maintain a low profile, things might not be this tough and you will be able to survive the hard times.

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