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Save the Earth: Use Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners

Homeowners are very health conscious, especially when it comes to their children. They want to make sure that they provide a home for their family that is clean, safe, and comfortable. But most homeowners these days don’t just want to protect their family. They also want to protect the plant. For a healthy and clean environment, they switch to environmentally friendly cleaners or green cleaners. It’s safe for the family and safe for the planet too.

home cleaningThese cleaners are becoming more popular as time goes by. They are as effective as the commercial ones, inexpensive, toxic-free, and they don’t pose threats to the environment. So where to find them? One way to find these eco-friendly products is to look at the label and read if they are Eco or Green in nature. You must read the label carefully and be the judge if the product is truly safe for your family and environment. Not all products that have the green label are environmentally friendly, so always investigate before buying the product.

You need to read the label and look for biodegradable and natural ingredients. If they have different or hard-to-pronounce components, then you should think twice before buying it. Here are the ingredients you can usually find in environmentally friendly cleaners.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, borax and low level of VOSCs
  2. Tea tree oil, lemon juice, eucalyptus, citrus, plant-based surfactants, and citrus – all these come from plants, so they are biodegradable

You have two choices for green cleaners, it either you make one on your own or purchase one from stores or retailers.


Make your disinfectant by mixing two cups of water, about 30 drops of tea tree oil and three tablespoons of soap. They have no harmful chemicals, and surprisingly, you really won’t spend that much.


home cleaningEco-friendly cleaners like vinegar do not have that pleasing smell but do a great job of cleaning your house. Chemicals and conventional cleaners are mixed to cause a pleasant aroma to the home. However, it adds to the harmful substances you and your family breathe.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit

This is a set of cleaners that come from plants and scented with essential oils. They are all non-caustic, PH balanced, formaldehyde, and petroleum products.

Why should you start using environmentally-friendly cleaners?

Green cleaners are gaining their popularity for many reasons, and you should start using them.

The air we breathe is full of different particles, substances, and chemicals. Perhaps this is the reason why asthma has become a common problem these days. Using these green cleaners can improve indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution starts to be a big problem for homeowners. This refers to the poor quality of air in a house, school, office, or any other enclosed space. Many people do not know that the contamination of air could harm the body, especially the respiratory system.

Eco-friendly cleaning agentsYou should be aware of the products responsible for this pollution. Spray products contain a lot of hazardous ingredients, and then the spray remains in tiny particles that can be easily inhaled by your family, especially the children. Fresheners are a big no-no since they have petroleum ingredients that block the nasal passages.  Also, keep in mind to open the windows for good air circulation.

Commercial cleaners contain harmful chemicals that, once released, can damage your health and the ozone layer. It is known as VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are toxic gases. According to a study about 80,000, different chemicals are present in a typical cleaner. Of which, the chemicals cause around 12% of asthma in the office. It affects the skin, respiratory system, eyes, nausea, allergic reactions, and headaches, which will cause low productivity of employees. Although there are some – bleach, phosphates, and fragrance – which are useful in cleaning, some are poisonous when inhaled or eaten.

The demand for green cleaners gets higher. You can read up online on the many ways you can create your DIY eco-friendly home cleaner. You can also save yourself the hassle and buy one. Just make sure to read the necessary information to determine if the product is safe. Don’t just let the logo be your indication. Make it a habit to know its ingredients. Use your best judgment to know which one is true or fake.

A homeowner should consider the benefits of eco-friendly cleaners before it’s too late. These cleaners will improve the air in your house, and you will worry no more about health threats for your family. Most importantly, you do your part in saving the earth.

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