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Six Things You Can Stop Buying in Order to Help Save The Environment

The world is heading towards an uncertain future as thousands of plastic bags are ending up in the ocean, fish and birds are dying from consuming plastic, the world is becoming a hotter place with glaciers melting in the polar regions, and several living beings are heading towards extinction. If we do not sit up now and take steps towards correcting our wrongs, the earth might be a different place in the years to come. Many bright minds have developed products that help in reducing the steady growth of pollution, but there are also other everyday changes that we can do to help the environment.

Stop Buying Fizzy Soda

Soda is terribly unhealthy for your body, and this has been a well-established fact by now, yet we can’t let go of our love for it. Buying one bottle of soda every day worth $1 is about $365 a year. Imagine how many people end up buying bottles of them every day and the amount of trash accumulated because of that? A lot of effort and energy is also wasted in the production of soda itself. With all these considered, soda alone contributes to a lot of pollution in the environment, and you’d be doing a whole lot of good if you stopped buying them.

Make Your Own Coffee

Think again: can’t you get your caffeine from home every day? Going to Starbucks will cost you a lot of money, and you will end up using styrofoam cups which will add to the huge waste that we are already struggling to manage. A $2.10 coffee from Starbucks will mean $670 every year. On the other hand, an $8 bag of ground coffee will last you a month. Try it for a few months and see how you are saving up and also helping in reducing plastic from the face of the earth.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries might cost more, but they are a one-time investment. Moreover, when you stop using normal batteries, you will also end up helping a bit towards a greener environment. A 4-pack AAA battery costs $4 while the rechargeable ones cost $16. A difference of $12 might seem like a lot but that also means you won’t have to keep buying batteries after a couple of weeks or so.

You Don’t Need Bottled Water

The more we use bottled water, the more our oceans and seas get clogged with plastic bottles. Reusable bottles will not only help the environment breathe better but also save millions of money spent on bottled water production every year. Tap water is best for your body, but if you, by any chance, don’t like the taste of that water or have some other issues, buy a reusable bottle with a built-in filter or buy a filter that you can fit on the mouth of your faucet. This will help you when you travel to other countries where you might not be able to drink tap water as well. Also, carrying a reusable bottle will help you refill it whenever you find a drinking water kiosk.

Get Real Towels Made Of Cloth For The Kitchen

If you belong to the group of people who don’t hesitate to use tons of paper towels whenever there is a spill in the kitchen, let us tell you that you need to stop doing it to help the environment. Paper towels are made from important sources, and it takes about 2.5 gallons of water to make one roll. If you start using dish rags or cloth towels, you can reuse them after washing them, saving both your pocket and nature.

Buy Cloth Shopping Bags For All Your Shopping Needs

Cloth shopping bags with quirky quotes or prints are all the rage right now, so make use of the recent trend and get some for yourself. Make sure to keep them in your car, inside your work bag, or a spare in your desk drawer, so that if you plan to shop on your way back home, you don’t have to worry about getting those plastic bags. By having your own cloth bag, you’ll have a more secure means of carrying your groceries, and you’ll reduce plastic pollution, too!

Eco-friendly cars, sustainable buildings – all around us, we are finding greener choices to incorporate into our lives every day. We just have to choose right. However, some people think that greener choices might burn a hole in their pockets. On the contrary, it will save you even more money! You just have to be savvier and find the right methods to save up money. Doing your own bit for the environment will not only help our world but you might also inspire someone else with your gestures.


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