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Small Gifts That Can Make A BIG Difference This Christmas

The holiday season is that time of the year which everyone looks forward to. However, holidays can be tedious if you are overcome by the stress that’s associated with family, food, and gifts. Admit it or not, a major part of the holiday stress stems from the dilemma of choosing gifts for your loved ones, and more so if you have a lot of them. You can always gift something meaningful without wasting money on pricey items. It’s not that your family and friends would always expect expensive gifts from you. They only need reasons to be happy during the festive season. Here is a list of some small gifts that can make a BIG difference this holiday season.


Rather than splurging on something expensive such as a commercial CD which would typically cost you in the range of $10 to $15, it’s always better to spend an hour or two of your day and come up with an amazing custom mix for someone precious to you. It’s a known fact that different people have different tastes in music. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy for you to create a single mix to please everyone whom you are planning to bestow the gift on. However, don’t just burn a CD by picking up random songs churned out by random bands. Instead, pick up a few meaningful songs and arrange them in a way that it touches the strings of the individual’s heart you are targeting. You can do this together with your family and friends without letting them know that you are prepping up to gift them the songs they love.


Whoever said that books can be your best friend was right. Books can indeed be a great gift this holiday. There are only a handful of store-bought gifts that can be as personal as a good book. Just like music, different people have different preferences when it comes to books. If you want a book to be meaningful to the person you are about to gift, search for one that’s tailor-made for the individual. Your grandma wouldn’t surely love to read to a book that your cousin likes and vice-versa. You can visit Amazon and jot down a full list as per their preferences. There are high chances that you will come across a great book for every single individual on your list. Make it a point that you would stick to an average price of $10 or maybe less than that. If someone has a Kindle, you can easily download their preferred e-book within a matter of minutes and forward it via an e-mail straight to their Kindle. Alternatively, if you are looking for hardcovers, you can just check in any bookstore near you to take your pick.


Movies are probably the most affordable as well as the most likable gift on this list. A good movie is simply priceless as people can enjoy them whenever they can. Try to find out the personal preferences of your friends and family, if there are any. Make a list and start buying DVDs to gift your loved ones. DVDs are abundantly available these days, and they come at pretty affordable prices. Pick up whatever you want – be it the recent releases or family favorites – from a whole range of DVDs. Watch the movies with your family and friends. Gonna be great fun!

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments can be a great Christmas gift since they tend to make a comeback to the Christmas Tree every year. Gifts such as ornaments will continue to reintroduce you the times you have left behind, making each Christmas all the more special. You can buy your gift ornament from a store or they can be homemade as well. Both ways, ornaments aren’t heavy on your pockets and can be gifted with all the love that you have in your heart for someone.

The holidays usher in celebrations and enjoyment. It’s supposed to be the best time of the year when you can make your loved ones happy by gifting them their favorite stuff. Such a phase though can bring around a lot of anxiety and stress as you might find it tough to finalize a gift for each and every one. Listen to your heart and try to choose memorable gifts, and not just expensive gifts.

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