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Do You Spend More When You Are Stressed? Here’s How to Fix That

If you are the only provider of your family, supporting your aging parents, and paying for your kids’ fees at school, you might feel that you have to carry the entire burden on your shoulders. Feeling anxious owing to all the pressure is pretty normal. Studies say that when an individual is anxious or stressed out, they develop a tendency to pay more. In such a scenario, one might think of consulting a therapist. Stress has different impacts on different people and seeking professional help seems to be an effective way to manage your overall mental and physical well-being. For some of you, this may be the first time. Well, there are a bunch of other effective ways that can help you fix your spending habits, especially under stress.

Three Ways Stress Affects Your Spending

Every single day, you make several decisions like what to eat, what to wear, whether to have a cup of coffee while going to work, which route to drive when to go to sleep, and so on. Sometimes you spend owing to a sense of relief after you make a decision. You also spend when you are under stress to diminish your short-term necessities.

Dining out or bringing food from outside might seem to be an easier task than buying groceries after you have had a busy day. You also tend to spend when you want to escape from the monotony of life. This is called retail therapy which can play a key role in improving your mood. Remorse sets in when you suddenly realize that the money you had spent was meant for other important things or you have reached the maximum limit on your credit card.

Your Spending Habits Have a Lot to Do with Your Spending Choices

It might be an uphill task when you try to find out why you tend to spend more under stress. However, not many people realize that your spending habits have a lot to do with your spending habits. Habits are more or less similar to comfort food. Not only do they give you a sense of satisfaction, but also give you a feeling of stability.

Over the years, you have developed a habit of spending money and if you are asked to change the habit all of a sudden, it won’t be easy for you. Your financial habits are connected to your lifestyle as well as your daily routine. If you eliminate a habit, a void will be created. That will make you more vulnerable and there is every possibility that you will fall back on the financial habits you used to have. You will find success if you substitute your spending habits with your new set of behaviors.

How Should You Develop New Habits?

Your habit is something that causes you to behave in a particular way. This includes things like taking a break at a fixed time in the day, a craving you have when you hear or see things that catch your fancy, a feeling when you visit a certain place, etc. The trigger you have causes you to act in a definite way and that becomes your habit. A habit, whether good or bad, is based on your daily routine and lifestyle.

If you plan out your meals once a day, you will develop a habit of bringing your meals to work rather than buying food from outside, buying groceries with a list, cooking with a target of keeping leftovers, all these will turn into your habits. With that being said, stress has a major role to play here since when you are under stress, you will probably bring your old habits back.

Reduce Fatigue Owing to Your Decisions

Making decisions can often exhaust you and put you under stress. However, many out there overlook this fact. When you are already anxious and stressed, the mental overload can make you overwhelmed. Therefore, your ability to make further decisions comes down. One of the best solutions if you want to regain control over the present situation and alleviate your stress is to make fewer decisions.

Try to realize the symptoms of the fatigue you are suffering from owing to the decisions you make. Always keep track of your feelings.

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