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Three Easy-Peasy Ways To Beat Procrastination!

If you are reading this article in the middle of work and badly want to know badly how you can stop procrastinating, we’ll excuse you for procrastinating a bit and read on! Jokes apart, we all go through this at some point in our lives multiple times. In the middle of work, we think of checking our Facebook account for a minute and that minute gets extended to an hour. It becomes difficult to keep track of time when you are busy stalking your ex or finding out what your friends have been up to. but think of it, is it so important to find out what your friends are having for lunch or where they are traveling to next? However, it is not always social media that distracts us. It could be anything else — even our thoughts — and these distractions largely hamper our productivity. We can’t finish our work on time or end up not completing it at all. So here are some things that you can do to kiss procrastination goodbye — at least for now:

 Work Seriously For At Least The First 30 Minutes Of The Day

If you get a good start to your day, you might end it on a good note. The first 30 minutes of your shift is all you need to concentrate on your work and then other things will just follow. Once you start doing something, you might want to finish it first before taking a break. Unfortunately, most of us start our day by checking social media or emails. One thing leads to another and soon we realize that we have wasted enough time to miss the deadline of our first project of the day.

Have A Distraction-Free Hour

One full hour free of distractions – just promise yourself that and you will get a considerable amount of work done. Keep a 10-to-20-minute break at the end of the hour and you can do whatever you feel like in that amount of time. Science has proved that our brain functions well if we take breaks in between. This is because our brain works in a cycle that involves peaks and valleys. In order to have the best productivity, we need to respect this cycle. Also, having short breaks at the end of each hour will help you get less distracted within the hour.

Have Your Own Power Song

We all have a power song which gives us energy and makes us feel more energetic. Find one for yourself and play it every time you are in need of some motivation. Research has proven that having a song play every time you need to get charged up will start working as a trigger for the brain after a while. Apart from that, if that particular song makes you feel good, then you might be more eager to complete a task.

Finally, it is important to remember that we can always give time for our Instagram feed later in the day. So look for a software that blocks all kinds of temptation for you during work hours. When you don’t have them around, it will be easier to pay attention to work and finish on time.

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