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These Three Simple Tricks Can Help In Reducing Waste

Plastic waste in oceans and seas are growing more abundant every day; water is becoming scarce in far-flung deserts, and ice glaciers are melting in the polar regions. We are at the threshold of very difficult times ahead. Unless we decide to stop polluting our surroundings and creating indisposable wastes, things will get worse every passing day. We should be very scared thinking about the future of our children. The first thing we can do is to adopt a few small changes in our lifestyle to help the environment. Find out what you can do to start the change now.

Say NO To Plastic Products

Do you have a plastic bag in your house that holds several other plastic bags for use? Guilty as charged? Well, we all need to get rid of this terrible habit. Thankfully, companies have started making reusable and biodegradable plastic bags. But if you do not have one, please dispose of them in the best way possible. Along with plastic bags, we also need to let go of plastic cutlery and straws. The entire world is waking up to reduce using plastic products and there are great alternatives for these — for one, you can opt for bamboo or metal straws when drinking your favorite beverage. Carry your own linen or mesh bags when you go to the grocery. And when you eat at fast food restaurants, bring your own metal or wooden eating utensils.

Reduce Use Of Paper Towels And Disposable Napkins

Paper towels on your kitchen counter might be an essential thing, but the truth is you can use other rags instead of them. Paper is sourced from trees, so imagine the number of trees that are cut to make all those paper towels you see stacked up at your local Walmart. If you have an old towel, cotton t-shirt, or dishcloths, use them to clean your kitchen counters instead. As for avoiding paper napkins, carry a cloth napkin with you in your bag.

Reduce Usage Of Bottled Water

We can’t do without water, and there is no alternative. But we can definitely replace our bottles. If you are already using reusable bottles, good for you! But if you are not, invest in a good steel or copper bottle. Apart from carrying water, often we also need drinks to go. If you do not have an empty bottle, make sure there is always a small glass jar or bottle in your bag or car, and it doesn’t have to be store-bought. Reuse and recycle should be your new mantra, hence use glass jars for peanut butter or coconut oil. Just remember to wash them properly before using.

Aside from these, you can also go to thrift shops when buying clothes — you might even find some gems among the racks of used clothing. Make food and coffee at home to reduce the use of plastic and styrofoam containers. It’s our sole duty to take care of our environment and to leave the world a little better for our future children.



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