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Unique Ideas To Spruce Up Those Awkward Spaces In Your Home

If you have a small unused space in one corner of your home, we are here to give you a couple of great ideas on what to do with it! Whether you are looking for aesthetics or for functionality, we can help! It’s about time to spruce up that corner of your home and make something out of it.

Cat Furniture

Do you have a cat? Give them some love and make a corner dedicated to them. There’s nothing like a tall cat tower to get your furry friend purring in no time! Not only will your pet cat be very happy with this choice of use of space, but some cat furniture can actually be quite charming and add character to the space! Find one that has a unique design or build or something that complements the decor of the room. In fact, even if you don’t have a cat, get a cat tower anyway! Some designs are actually great for vertical storage.


You can never go wrong when you put a plant anywhere in the house. There is nothing like bringing in the elements of Mother Nature into your home. And don’t only think of pots that rest on the ground. Think of hanging a fern from the ceiling or even mounting a pot plant onto the wall. Hang a few terrariums for the artsiest and most glamorous look!

A Classy Bar

Sometimes, the corners of a room are often forgotten space, and if you took the time to think about everything you could do with the corners in one of your rooms, you would be overwhelmed! Installing a bar in a family room or a lounge is a great idea as it is stylish yet functional. Take it one step further and create a custom bar – just pick up your toolbox and some wood and get knocking! There are many DIY projects that are simple for anybody to try out.

A Fancy Light

Light up your corners with a beautiful pendant light or even an arc lamp if you have the floor space for it. Arc lamps provide visual interest and can be a refreshing look from the usual pendant lighting. On the other hand, the range of pendant lights is pretty wide and you can find some unique pieces to draw attention to a space that would otherwise be ignored.

Unique Corner Drawers

When discussing awkward spaces at home, an often overlooked space is the corner space in cabinets! This is a particularly frustrating awkward space because it is difficult to make use of it without compromising how easily you can reach your stuff. Make sure that if you have the wonderful opportunity to design your own cupboards, you design your corner space as practically as possible. There are a couple of great gadgets that make good use of this space in a cabinet, but cleverly designed drawers can do the same thing – if you have a good carpenter, of course.

Under the Stairs

That space under the stairs has loads of potential! There are several things that you could actually do with it, like install shelves and make it a mini-library, or have your pet’s bed placed there with a cute plant or two and your pet’s toys. You could even have a hammock or a bed under there, with bookshelves underneath and have it as a reading nook. Or, you could have a beautiful water feature or just a garden feature with artificial ferns and foliage. The possibilities are endless!

Storage Space

Few of us can actually say that we have as much storage space in the bathroom as we actually need. There is a lot to be stored in a bathroom, like rolls of toilet tissue, clean towels, skincare products, and bathing and showering products. We all know of the trusty mirror cabinet and even the cabinet around the bathroom basin, but have you ever considered using the space around your toilet? It is a surprisingly useful space, and you could even build cabinets around it to store a whole lot of stuff vertically! This is a highly underused space and yet it is a space we look at every single day that we are at home. Sometimes, the solution to a problem can be staring you in the face – and this is true for the case of storage space in a bathroom without cabinets or shelving around the toilet!

So, however you choose to decorate the awkward, unused space at home, make sure to decorate it according to your preference, or at least one that matches the rest of the room. Have fun decorating!

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