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These Are The Unsung Benefits Of Meditation

No, meditation cannot make you a better person. Forget about what those spiritual gurus want you to believe, scientists have found that meditation CANNOT make you more compassionate and calmer as a person. Scientists at UK’s Coventry University, New Zealand’s Massey University and Netherland’s Radboud University conducted twenty-two different studies to find out the actual effects of meditation. They found out that the widespread notion about meditation making people better persons was biased. They also suggested that there is no concrete evidence that meditation actually can make someone a better person. But it has some benefits which are largely unknown. There are quite a few science-backed but little known benefits of meditation that spiritual gurus probably won’t tell you about. Let’s find out what kind of positive changes meditation can bring to your life.

It Helps You Reunite With Your Home Keys

According to a study conducted among older adults, meditation actually results in improved cognition. If you lose your car or home keys too easily and you think you’re just blissfully forgetful, you should start worrying about as your brain might have stopped working in the way it is supposed to. This is definitely not normal and with the help of meditation, you can get back your memory (and your home keys) easily as meditation is indeed a good memory training exercise. Including meditation in your daily routine could be a big lifestyle change which would help you in staying more organized.

It Slashes Down Your Burger Budget

Mindfulness is marked by increased self-control, which is essential if you want to stay healthy by leading a healthy lifestyle. How many times you have reached out for that greasy and griddled patty topped with hundreds of fixings? If you think your craving for burgers (among other junk foods) is not normal and you are putting on a lot of weight because of your binge eating habits, it’s time for you to try meditation. Meditation won’t turn you into a better person, but it would definitely help you gain more self-control, which would, in turn, help you to stay fit and healthy. Research studies have proved that meditation helps in reducing our food cravings to a great extent.

It Helps You Sleep Tight

People who do meditation on a regular basis are far less stressed and less depressed as well. If you are an insomniac or just sleep-deprived due to your hectic work schedule, try out a six-week course in meditation. This way, you can feel better rested and far less depressed, which would help you in getting sound sleep at night. This is scientifically proven that meditation is a great remedy for insomnia, and if you are looking for a no-medicine solution for your sleep-deprived nights, you should say ‘yes’ to meditation today. Remember that bringing positive changes in your lifestyle doesn’t only mean taking medications or following a diet plan, and you can solve many problems in your life by taking a resort to meditation.

Makes You A Little Less Angry

Do you always get hot under the collar at the slightest provocation? If that is the case with you, you probably need some anger management training. Well, meditation is proven to have positive impacts on your brain’s amygdala (neurons in your temporal lobe), which makes you a lot more composed and calm than you actually are. A six-week training course can definitely turn your frown right upside down. Human mind generates fifty thousand thoughts in a single day and if you can quiet these thoughts (with the help of meditation), you can make the ‘inner critic’ silent and your mind will be free from all the negative emotions that bring forth anger, and rude behavior. Look for meditation classes near you to control your bad temper.

If you want to sign up for a meditation class online, do find a good trainer and don’t just rely on spiritual gurus who keep on telling that meditation can change everything in life. No, it doesn’t. However, by including meditation in your lifestyle, you can benefit in a number of ways. This will, of course, turn you into a more reasonable and more organized person. If you want to bring back all the positivity in your life, meditation surely has no better alternative.

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