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Bling Ring Star Emma Watson Confesses She Only has 8 Pairs of Shoes


In 2013, there was a drama when Emma Watson condemned the extravagant lifestyle of Paris Hilton.   Watson had only eight pairs of shoes at the time of the incident despite her fortune of more than £26million. Watson talked about Hilton’s extravagant lifestyle after taking a look inside heiress’ wardrobe.

Hilton whose great-grandfather founded the Hilton Hotels chain allowed her to film at her expensive home.  Watson felt like walking into a department store when she stepped into Hilton’s walk-in wardrobes.  It was almost like consumerism as a form of kleptomania, Watson confessed.

Watson knew that all of those clothes, not even half of the brand new clothes, some still with price tag on couldn’t not be wore for months.  She supposed that Hilton bought these clothes  because she wanted to buy things on impulse.

Watson said that Hilton’s extravagant lifestyle gives a whole new meaning to the term celebrity. She believes that the term is no longer associated with individuals who have a specific skill or talent in front of the camera. Nowadays, the entertainment industry is filled with people who are extremely popular but have no acting, singing or modelling talent. In our present day, we wonder how many shoes Watson has and how bigger Hilton’s wardrobe is.

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