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Craziest Things That Celebrities Have Purchased With Money

You know that your favorite celebrities sit pretty on mountains of money and lead a very luxurious life. However, what you probably didn’t know is that they can do anything with their money, which includes laying their hands on whatever catches their fancy.

Some celebrities have even gone one step ahead and have purchased stuff that might seem absolutely crazy to you. As a matter of fact, they shell out loads of cash on things you perhaps have never dreamt about. Some are bizarre, while some might seem wastage of money. These celebrities left their fans speechless with their over-the-top purchases.

Nicolas Cage’s Dinosaur Skull – $276,000

Dinosaurs are all-time favorites with the kids. They love to obsess over all the details surrounding Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus. However, the Oscar-winning actor’s obsession with dinosaurs left many dumbfounded. Nicolas Cage participated in an auction where he outbid fellow Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and laid his hands on a Tyrannosaurus skull that dates back to 67 million years ago.

Well, that’s indeed something that can arouse the curiosity of all. But, shelling out a staggering $276,000 on it was way beyond everyone’s comprehension. It was later revealed that the paleontologist who handed over the skull to the actor accepted that he was involved in illegal import of fossils from China and Mongolia.

Miley Cyrus’ Dog Car – $125,000

Who doesn’t love to drive a Range Rover? After all, it is one of the most luxurious cars that one can come across. However, none of you would have guessed that someone can buy a Range Rover for their dogs! Yes, you read it right. Miley Cyrus, the heartthrob of the new era and the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, is way too much possessive about her canines and wants them to drive in style. She has five of them and has even given them the authority to scratch the Range Rover Sport and leave the upholstery messy as well. Well, even humans can’t afford such luxury, can they?

Victoria Beckham’s Golden iPhone – $33,000

Victoria Beckham, the better half of former English soccer star David Beckham, has always been known for her sense of fashion and style statement. Hence, it’s stupid to believe that she would be using some ordinary phone. The former Spice Girl has bought an iPhone with 150 grams of 24-karat gold, which cost a staggering $33,000. She has a thing for gold, it seems. This golden iPhone has been designed by Stuart Hughes, an expert in this field. Stuart has also designed a Rolls Royce Phantom with solid god features and an iPad with solid gold as well. Both of these are for sale. So, if you think you have the money to buy either or both, go ahead.

Kim Basinger’s Private Town – $20 Million

How wonderful is it to own a town and be in charge of absolutely everything? Kim Basinger is one of the most popular faces of the show business. However, many of you might not be aware that Kim proudly owned 1751 acres out of the 2000 acre-town, Braselton, in Georgia. She reportedly spent something in the close proximity of $20 Million on it. She wanted to turn the town into a film production studio and a theme park too. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as she had expected. Later on, she sold the town off for a much lower $1 million.

Justin Bieber’s Batmobile – $100,000

Batman is one of the coolest characters that kids adore. After all, they love to dress up like him, especially when it’s Halloween time. Fans of DC Comics have really feasted on some iconic Batman movies to date. But, no one had any idea about the singer’s craze for Batman. Yes, Justin Bieber is one crazy fan.

By now, everyone knows that Bieber is one of those people in the music industry who has loads of money to spare. He utilized that to indulge himself with a customized Batmobile. The vehicle is matte black and boasts of suicide doors and a Batman logo right on the grill, just like you have witnessed in the movies. The whole staff took him around $100,000.

Your favorite celebs have their whims and fancies, and they love to fulfill all of them. That’s just because they have a whole lot of money to spend. With that being said, they have attained this position banking on their hard work and commitment to their profession.

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