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How Denzel Washington Made It As The Highest-Paid Oscar Nominee


Denzel Washington is never an average actor in Hollywood. In 2017, Washington’s  $290 million-plus earnings made him the highest paid Oscar nominee.  For the actor who is good at what he does and better in making money, he reveals that money doesn’t buy happiness.

Washington knows the secret of wealth and he spends his money with discipline. There was a time he had an Aston Martin, maybe he still have that expensive car and yet, he preferred his truck.

When he got older in the industry, he became wiser and realized that he doesn’t know as much. There were kids to raise  whose success was also important to him.  He has a lot of awards to his credit and he is not relenting in winning more.  He wants to leave this world as a better parent than as a successful actor.

Washington was richer than $290 million since Forbes tailed his earnings in 2003. He is also the custodian of August Wilson’s estate. The actor who has other investments aside acting has been on the reserve side when it comes to excessive spending. Well, he got kids he is trying to put through life.

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