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Five Fascinating Facts About The Rich And Powerful Rothschild Family

pThe fact mysteries hold a special place in our hearts is evident when we take start delving in and unraveling through ‘lesser-known secrets.’ That brings us to the Jewish family from Frankfurt- the Rothschild family, possibly the wealthiest to have ever existed in history; no exaggeration here.

Among the multiple wealthy and famous families that have made a mark in this world, there’s no missing out on this famous European dynasty. And it’s not merely the financial strength that kept the world captivated by them. There’s so much that innumerable conspiracy theories emanating from the same. Quite intriguing, right? Keep reading then.

The Richest to Date

So you thought you’d seen everything with the Rockefellers, the Trumps, and even the Kardashians? Hold on! The Rothschild never featured on the Forbes list truly, and that’s because of sheer privacy that the members maintained to the T. With no promotions ever, the family’s wealth was well distributed over centuries among the heirs.

That’s precisely how the fortune got diluted (not depleted, mind you!). If you didn’t know the estimate, it was something close to USD 350 billion assets! And if you go by the words of the neighbors for their accuracy, it’s no less than USD 1 trillion.

The Family Behind Nepolean’s Defeat

This is outright crazy, we know, but the family indeed played a prominent role for Napoleon to see his end at Waterloo. They were quite well off back then. Nathan Mayer Rothschild got inside the fray in 1813 and helped the Brits monetarily (approximately USD 900 million in today’s times) to finish off the wars.

The armies that spread through Europe got the valuable metal shipments, thanks to the Duke of Wellington. What is even more amazing is that Rothschild perhaps knew all about the news of the defeat even before officials. Later he got hold of government bonds, only to sell off at 40% profits. Wow!

Once Upon a Time, They Used to Set the Gold Price.

The family made gold as one of the most valuable assets, which in due course of time, also set a benchmark in the world market. So in 1919, when World War I was drawing to a close, Rothschild and few other infamous industry traders started meeting twice a day to fix gold prices. Did you know that the meetings had a pattern to adhere to?

First, participants would send their representatives to the Rothschild offices. Second, they would call their trading room and raise Union Jack. So when the flags came down, prices were finally set. This process continued until 2004! With Barclays finally stemming into this spot, Rothschild had to let go of their power.

The Most Extensive, Private Zoological Collection Ever

Lord Walter, a member of the family, was passionate about zoology. Such was his curiosity towards the animal kingdom that he often collected animals and insects from his childhood days. With no interest in the family business of banking and finances, he soon started exploring the world of animal species.

And it was possible because his wealthy parents could afford to establish a zoological museum in 1908. From his earnings, he offered commissions to explorers who would collect rare species for him. In a bid to prove to the world that animals have a docile nature, he also traveled via carriages driven by zebras!

Party freaks, in weird ways

When the world took notice of photos from parties organized in 1972 by the family, a large section knew they would never be a match to them, in regards to the oddities! Picture this- the strangeness began with invitations in reverse form, which was readable only in a mirror reflection. On entering the building, the front lights were all red.

Guests were no less weird, for they covered masked themselves in multiple faces, and even animal style heads. Oh yes, there were birdcages too! You would never find any possible explanation behind all this. And that would invariably lead you to believe in rumors of the family associated with multiple secret societies.

The deeper you dig, the more you’ll develop the need to satiate your thirst for knowing this family. Their stories made it to the stage, on-screen, and proves that there’s no real end to them.

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