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Five Inspirational Stories of How Unique Ideas Brought These Regular People Money and Fame

Everybody likes extra money. We can all use some extra cash to pay off a debt, buy something expensive or go on a vacation. Thinking out of the box is essential in the business world. Even if you don’t own a business, you can still make a fortune by thinking out of the box. Unfortunately, this, too, doesn’t always lead to success. But some people get lucky with their ideas. Their unique ventures earn them immense fame and wealth! Let’s take a look at five people who got lucky!

Pewdiepie – YouTube Videos

If you don’t know if this guy is a famous YouTuber, his channel based on a hobby of his. His actual name is Felix Kjellberg. Felix made his YouTube debut at the age of 14. Uploading videos of him playing video games while providing commentary. Incredibly, Felix’s YouTube channel has 57 million subscribers! He earns approximately $12 million from merely doing what he enjoys!

We doubt he ever thought he’d be earning a fortune by only playing around – literally! Several other YouTubers have set up their channels, providing game walkthroughs like Felix.

Rhys Davies – Online Glitter Graphics

A rather unconventional and wild way of earning a whopping $100K in income is through the genius idea of Rhys Davies. Davies was only 14 years old when he came up with a website where he offered to create glitter graphics for people to use on their MySpace profiles. Davies offered these images for free, but where he made money was through advertising banners – ads rake in dough in the internet world!

Nikki Night – Webcam Modelling

The stunning Nikki Night has been making pulses race for a long time. Nikki Night happens to be a gig cam girl. She began webcamming at a time in her life when she was short of cash. On the advice of a friend, Nikki took up webcamming to earn extra income, and she quickly became every guy’s night-time dream.

In just a single hour session, Night was raking in over $700. She is currently the head of Cam4’s performer training and development. Night coaches girls for webcam modeling. She teaches them to perform from their bedroom and make an extra income through a fan club.

Dani Johnson – Weight Loss Plans

In today’s world, the weight loss industry is immensely competitive. It isn’t advisable for anybody to compete in it for fear of going against such immense competition. In every corner, you will find something around weight loss. Dani Johnson was bold to take on the industry. She is a mentor, coach, and speaker on the subject of health. Currently, Johnson is a multi-tycoon weight loss coach and mentor, offering her knowledge to anybody who wishes to shed fat and condition their bodies.

Many people around the world have sought guidance. She is set apart from the many others in the industry by the fact that she started in the field when she was destitute, homeless, and working as a waitress. Today she owns a multi-tycoon organization and a weight loss program.

Alex Tew – Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew had an idea one day, and that was to do something new. Tew launched a site he called Million Dollar Homepage, where he pitched pixels on his website to people who wanted to advertise their sites or their businesses. Each pixel cost $1, and Tew was looking for some extra money to carry him through to college and to pay off his expenses. The homepage changed his life in some months.

He sold 1 million pixels making his first $1 million. He was only 21 when the Million Dollar Homepage site took off. Alex is currently the CEO of Calm, a start-up that focuses on the art of dispelling worry with contemplation.

It’s commonly understood that if you invest effort into something, and enough passion into it, it pays off. This rings true in all of these examples, where someone with an idea carried it through and concentrated their effort son making it successful. So no matter how crazy, weird, unique or wild your idea is, you just need to make the magic happen through hard work and dedication! So let’s hope these five unique stories can offer you some inspiration to go out and make money and fame for yourself, too!

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