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How to be an Instagram Influencer and Become Rich and Famous

The modern world boasts a lot of celebrities and rich people but not necessarily in movie or television screens but in social media. The social media generation is making a wave for being an excellent platform for influencers. As brands spend thousands of dollars on influencer marketing these days, it also makes brand influencers not only famous but rich. Imagine a 6-digit income – with no sweat!

It may not come as a surprise because you may know a handful of influencers you may even be following and you might also know that they earn big bucks from it. The number one social media platform most influencers use nowadays is Instagram. This social media platform, when used well, can effectively make you rich and famous.

As the question of “how?” circulate your head, here are some helpful steps so you can become an Instagram influencer, and hopefully become rich and famous.

Find Your Niche

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To be an influencer, you should find something that you are passionate about. Not only that, you should find a niche that suits your personality, and you have known well. As they say, it is easy to write what you know. Also, find something that interests you, something that will not bore you. When you do find your niche, be religious in posting and updating. Just make it sure to make it a combination of various things and ideas, and not just random to make sure you maintain the interest of your followers.

Write a Noteworthy Bio

A bio that catches the audience’s attention must be your number one goal once you find your niche. The purpose of creating a bio is to grab the attention of your potential followers instantly. An attention-grabbing skill is a must in creating this.

Don’t Just Share a Photo, Share a Story Instead

The number one rule to become a significant influencer is to tell a story. A picture without a caption will make your followers wonder what you want to share. Provide a caption to tell the story of your image. Let them engage in what you are posting.

Create an Appealing Instafeed

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This pertains to your photos. Make sure that when you post your pictures, it must be visually captivating. Your photos must look good against any other images that you have posted before. Be creative and do not be afraid to learn how to edit your photos. Use tools that will enhance and make your photos look even better.

Pick an Exact Hashtag

Hashtags are equally important with your photos because it will not only tell the story, but it will allow your content to be easily found by Instagram users. Instagram will enable you to use 30 hashtags for one photo. Use it all. Combine hashtag that varies from search volumes. In this way, there are a million chances you can be searched and found.

Collaborate with Other Influencers

No man is an island as they say, and it’s true in the world of Instagram. One doesn’t only need oneself to create a great post. Sharing and acquiring knowledge from other influencers is a practical and idealistic idea since you can learn a thing or two from one another. Imagine collaborating will not only gain another new idea but a new prospective audience and possible followers. Collaborating will also make you gain real-life friends.

Level Up Your Skills

No one is born as an expert. Every influencer should level up his skills to better hone his talent and turn his Instagram account into a money-making machine.

Enhance Your Photography Skills

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Let’s face it, humans are very visual, and Instagram is not only pleasing hashtags but pleasing photos as well. To be a famous influencer, you must have an impressive picture. Invest in a good camera.  Go through your camera’s manual to make sure you understand how to use it to its maximum capacity. Explore and make the most of what your camera can do. Use a tripod and learn how to use the element guides in framing a photo. Show your work to other influencers or photographers. They may have valuable input of advice to help enhance your photography skills.

With all that done, here’s the most crucial step you have to learn – BE YOURSELF! However, this might not bring in results overnight. But if you follow these steps religiously,  soon enough, you will be a famous and wealthy influencer.

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