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More Than Just Public Figures – These Three Celebrities Are Entrepreneurs!

A lot of celebrities get criticized for simply getting paid for existing and breathing. That’s not too far from the truth in the case of a few celebrities, but there are many public figures out there who earn their own money and have their financial stability in their own hands without having to rely on ads and product promotions. It’s great to see that these people are putting in the effort and their wealth to good use in order to create employment opportunities. Here are three celebrities who’ve become entrepreneurs and decided to take matters into their own hands when it comes to their source of income.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Lifestyle Brand

Gwyneth’s business seems to be leaning on her status as a celebrity for now, but this might change soon enough as she has stated that she’d like to leave the brand so that it can run on its own without having to rely on Gwyneth’s name to keep on generating profits for it. Her website is named Goop, and it’s got everything you’d need to live the sort of lifestyle that Gwyneth would approve of. You can buy all sorts of luxury items from her store, and although it’s been the source of controversy a few times, it’s still going strong and will likely thrive. That’s not all that Gwyneth is doing, however, as she’s also got a restaurant of her own that focuses on serving healthy food which is especially good since it’s located inside a fitness studio.

Jaden Smith – Bottled Water Brand

Most of us know Jaden when he acted for the movie The Karate Kid. Since then, he’s had celebrity status for many years. Being the son of Will Smith surely helped him go farther than anyone anticipated, and his Twitter account has been booming. What most people wouldn’t expect from Jaden is that he’s got the mind of an entrepreneur. In fact, he has planned on opening a business for quite some time now, and his parents have assisted him in doing so. His idea was to have eco-friendly water at stores that are also affordable, and thus, his brand, Just Water, does exactly that. It sells for $0.99 per bottle and is exactly what anyone would go for on a hot summer’s day.

Jessica Biel – Restaurant

Jessica had a pretty unique idea for opening a restaurant: one that’s aimed at kids. She invested her money into a sort of day-care themed restaurant where parents could leave their children in the hands of trained babysitters while they could enjoy healthy and high-quality food. There’s a huge menu to choose from that’s meant for children, and it offers food like grilled cheese sticks. There’s food for adults, too, should they wish to join their children. However, Jessica did admit that the restaurant is struggling in terms of money.

Celebrities like these three encourage others to follow in their path as well, and since they have so much influence and hold so much sway over the mindsets of regular people, they’re doing a significant job in terms of benefitting society.

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