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Meet The Most Powerful And Famous Celebrities On Social Media In 2019

Social media has created a nice opportunity for celebrities to interact one-on-one with their fans and critics. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have allowed fans to take a sneak peek at the private world of their favorite stars, and that has added a whole new dimension to the idea of fame. Some celebrities have taken these new-age platforms seriously as they feel they can speak with their fans rather openly and directly about various issues that crop up from time to time and can influence them in a big way. Stars like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian already have a big presence on social media platforms.  And the following are the most powerful and famous celebrities on social media in 2019 — these people have mastered the art of building social media fame!

Michael B. Jordan: michaelbjordan

For the American actor, family and spirituality occupy pivotal positions when it comes to social media posts. Twitter has seen him tweeting for close to 10,000 times and enjoying over 800K followers, while his Instagram account has about 4.8 million followers. If you have no idea how to go about social media networking, check out Jordan’s feed, and you will spare yourself the hassle and money on another online course teaching you the same! His feed looks more like an amalgamation of a family album!

Michelle Dockery: theladydockers

Whoever thought that Michelle only stayed in her costumes stands highly mistaken! Ask any social media agency, and they will tell you how her social media page is something a regular on these platforms must follow, aside from the ones who love her and her shows. She’s fun personified! From clothing, jewelry, and puppy love to vital causes and behind-the-scenes images, her feed is a paradise for browsers. If social media optimization companies start focusing on a few things related to celebs and their lifestyles, she’ll be featured in some way or the other!

Lena Headey: imalenaheadey

Cersei Lannister was coy and poised, but actress Lena Headey is a rather different woman as opposed to the despicable villain she portrayed — Lena is a total goofball on social media sites. GoT, no doubt, catapulted her to fame, yet Lena remains relatable and down-to-earth. She’s a pretty active and humorous person who leads an interesting life as evident from her posts and great social media management skills. In fact, her Twitter posts on anxiety and depression and the way she talked about those issues got many fans talking. She uses social media as an avenue to not only have fun but also open up discussions and influence people. Great going!

Serena Williams: serenawilliams

Need we say anything more about this woman? She knows internet marketing no doubt, and why just the internet? The tennis superstar’s greatness is equally reflected by her posts. Serena has been titled as the social media queen of tennis in 2017, and she deserves every bit of it. With millions of fan followers scattered across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, she is one favorite celeb who’s the correct balance of seriousness infused with sarcasm and fun! And everything about her oozes of confidence which makes us think that she knows proper social media management.

Anna Faris: anna.faris

She’s natural — as in too natural. And maybe that’s not all that bad because followers simply love her way of posting things the way they are. But social media has been a little problematic for her after she came open about her divorce from her former husband of eight years, Chris Pratt, in 2017. People reacted with lines like, “love is dead”! That could be another possible reason why she consciously kept herself aloof from social media.

Amanda Seyfried: mingey

Amazing as it may sound but Amanda can’t stand social media. The actress, with more than a million Instagram followers, says that the internet’s primary sensation is actually depressing. She largely elaborated on how the number of fans on sites like Facebook and Twitter validates the presence and popularity of stars. But Seyfried keeps it simple and likes posting dog pictures on her social media feeds.

With so many followers and admirers interacting with them day in and day out, these immensely popular celebrities can easily monetize their social media channels. But with insane amounts of money already stashed away in their bank accounts, they might just give it a miss. Which celebrities do you follow?

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