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No Money Or Fame? These Telling Signs Can Still Mean That You Are Successful In Life!

In today’s world, we are constantly hearing that we need to have goals, focus hard, work towards them and finally achieve fame and create our own wealth too. It is all about hustle and in this race, we give a lot of importance to money and fame without realizing that often in life being successful doesn’t have to be equal to having money and fame. Here are some other signs that will show you are indeed successful in life and doing great so far. Money and fame don’t have to be the parameter always, though it does play a critical role in our lives and is important for our happiness and worry-free life. Contentment, on the other hand, is often underrated. We don’t seem to realize that often our contentment has a lot to do with the feeling of being successful.


You Are Polite

In our quest to achieve fame, we often forget that being appreciated by others gives a huge boost to our confidence and helps us in achieving things that we had not even thought of. In one of the bestsellers of all time, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie says that if you want to be successful, doing a few simple things might help immensely – smile at people, be polite, appreciate others for their work and do not argue. Basically, having good manners,  treating people well, lays the foundation for your success later in life. Hence being polite and good to everyone including the office janitor is extremely important and not just because it might help you feel appreciated, but because it is the right thing to do.

People Show You Gratitude

If you have people around you, who thank you for your work, you are successful already. These notes of thank you will keep you going and help you stay motivated when you have embarked on a journey to create something meaningful. When you have a business or run a company, success is about how your customers or clients are liking your products or services. When you give back to your customers or share your good work with them you are paying the universe back. And when your efforts get recognized – that is a success for you!

You Are Not Silent When You See Wrong Done

Success is not just about making your bank account impressive, it is also about having a strong sense of virtue and not being afraid to speak up the truth when the time comes. Successful people can call a spade, a spade and is not afraid of maintaining a status quo, because they have realized that in life being right is more important than making everyone happy. They are ready to mend broken things when they see one and they find their own tribe to help them out too.

You Do Things You Are Passionate About

The real successful people tend to do what excites them. If they are passionate about their work, their life is sorted and they won’t find work boring ever. On the other hand, most of us need some sort of entertainment to keep our lives away from boredom. This is because the work we do is not half as exciting as it should be. You are successful when your life is full of cherishable memories and experiences. If you have not figured out already what excites you maybe you can start right now? Ask your self what would you do if you had only 24 hours to live? There, that should help you decide. Stop being boring and put some excitement back in your lives, and see how your perspective towards life changes.

When you can create a life for yourself where you are content and have met all the expectations you had set for yourself, you are truly successful. Add to it the fact that people are thankful towards you and they appreciate you for being polite yet straight forward. Success can mean various things to each of us, find out what it means to you and do exactly that. Do not try to live up to the standards of society or other people. You are the only one who matters here.

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