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The Rise of Sophia Vergara, the Highest Paid Actress in the World!

Sophia Vergara tipped her nearest competitors, Anjelina Jolie, and Gal Gadot, to become the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Her net worth sitting pretty at $ 43 million, the TV star managed to eclipse those at the movie business. So, what makes Vergara tick?

Unlike other actresses, she didn’t know that she would make it big in the acting world. Acting instead of being a profession was a source of a constant source of endless amusement for her. She was born and raised in a prosperous family in Barranquilla, Colombia. She knew that she has a funny side to her and was famous for her buffoonery in class. But she never knew she would make a profession out of it.

She got her first break when she was spotted on the beach and immediately cast her in a Pepsi commercial. The rest, as they say, was history. However, she didn’t take all that seriously at first. Instead, she tied the knot and went to dental school.

With a son later and separating from her husband, she started dabbling in TV shows again. Being her usual irreverent self and the audience loving her for it. And then Modern Family happened, and she soon started overwhelming love from her audience.

Characters Are Written for Her

Modern family‘s creators understood why the audience loved Sophia. They loved to watch her and wrote the character for her, Gloria. Even Sophia would agree that there are many characteristics common between her character in Modern Family and herself. She adds most of herself to the character right from wearing tempestuous clothes and owning them, delivering punchlines by the minute. To her unique Latina accent, there’s something about her that you would notice right away.

To think she began her career from doing minor roles on TV and movies such as Hot Properties, The Knights of Prosperity, and more to playing Gloria and earning about US$500,000 per episode, she has come a long way. Not to forget her role as a judge on the uber-popular show, America’s Got Talent pays her at least US$10 million per season, adding to a net worth of US$180 million in total.

She Dabbles in Businesses Too

Vergara is equally invested in her business enterprises as her acting career. Her underwear subscription service, EBY, is another one of her successful enterprises. And 10 percent of net sale proceeds go to underprivileged budding female entrepreneurs.

She also launched a talent management firm in 1994 called Latin World Entertainment with co-founder Luis Balaguer. This business ensures that more and more Latinos get a foothold in the industry. She was the co-founder of Raze, a Latino-focused digital media company, with Balaguer and Emiliano Calemzuk, the former president of Fox Television Studios.

Real Estate Is Her Thing!

In 2014, she went ahead and indulged in a villa mansion in Beverly Hills, paying a cool US$10.6 million on the luxurious villa mansion. She also bought the house of baseball legend Barry Bonds for US$26 million. She also spent a massive amount of money on renovating this home.

Her Love For A Luxurious Lifestyle!

Most celebrities have an extensive collection of luxurious cars in their garage. Sofia Vergara is no different. However, she chooses her luxurious vehicles with care and has Range Rover that costs $89,500 up to $200 000. The actress also owns a Range Rover Sport. The cost goes up to $79 000. However, her most expensive buy is a Bentley Bentayga, which set her back by $232 000. Indeed, she loves to drive in style.

The Grandiose Wedding

Vergara’s star-studded wedding set her back by US$4 million. She reportedly spent US$500,000 on food and US$1 million on flowers and decorations. Her wedding look included things like bridal make-up that only cost US$37, and she endorses the brand she wore, courtesy CoverGirl.

The Lavish Birthday Celebration

Baguette, a chihuahua, belongs to Vergara’s 28-year-old son, Manolo, who enjoyed her fifth birthday in 2018 in grand fashion, complete with high fashion, a money gun, and gifts galore! Not to forget the birthday cake which had a sculpture of her, which grabbed many eyeballs. The dog was wearing a pink dress and pearls. It certainly had its day!

Not to forget her airplanes, luxe vacations, and beauty regime all speak of her amazing lifestyle. Well, with her hard work and her flair for all things successful, we think she completely deserves it.

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