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Six Things That You Can Never Buy With Money

Benjamin Franklin was right about money. Money has no capacity to produce happiness, nor has it ever been able to produce happiness. He also mentioned that the more you have, the more you want. We know that without money you cannot lead a secure life, you cannot purchase foods and goods and you cannot obtain an education or basic necessities.

However, by a certain age, people begin to realize the importance of money. But one look at the celebrities and the affluent of today will prove that money can be the root of evil, as it is said, as people dive into power struggles, abuses, depression, and various other addictions common among the rich. We know money doesn’t buy happiness, but what else can money not buy? Let’s list them.


We know that money can buy lust, that’s for sure. In fact, we know empires that were built on selling lust. Magazines like Playboy have capitalized on lust, as have many businesses that serve the needs of men and women with enough money to purchase their hearts’ and bodies’ desires. We also know that money can buy attraction and power. Money is power. Attraction can be bought in cosmetic procedures like botox and liposuction and more, and makeup and perfume and so many more things. However, love is something else. Love is a heartfelt emotion. Love is intimate and genuine and mysterious. Love is something that money cannot buy, and anyone who has accumulated plenty of wealth yet still harbored a sense of emptiness can preach this.


Money can most certainly purchase influence, as money gives you power and power is all you need to have influence. However, the other way to attain influence is through the truth. Truths are influential above the power brought on by money. Money can be used to fuel beliefs and agendas and to push them around, and money can be used to bolster opinions or to buy support. Money also tends to win in the short term. However, in the long run, it is the truth that trumps all. Irrespective of how much money is spent skewing the truth, it finds its way out and makes itself known to all eventually.


They say time is money, yet money can’t buy time. Every minute that passes by is a minute that you can never get back, at any price. The truth is that each minute, hour or day is closer to your death, as morbid as it sounds. Life begins fading from the moment of our birth. In spite of all the scientific advances our generation and all those before us have made, no amount of money can extend life or turn back the hands of time, as R. Kelly so eloquently puts it. Time ticks by, unstoppable by anything.


True peace is obtainable only through the cultivation of your own thoughts. Governments and individuals have long invested large sums of money in various works and activities for the sake of ‘peace’. Inner peace and peace in society cannot be bought, not by the wealthiest people across the globe.


Money can without a doubt purchase a healthcare plan, insurance, medication, and treatment. However, no sum of money can replace natural health once it has diminished. The best things for health like running, jogging, walking and natural self-care cost nothing or a little more. It is unfortunate to see so many people spending ridiculous sums of money on cosmetic procedures instead of embracing the natural process of aging. Money can’t buy you better health, but it can buy you all you need to treat deteriorating health.


There are rude people in every corner of the world. For some reason, many people who are wealthy also are rather rude. We don’t really know how the relationship forms, and perhaps it has something to do with looking down on others once you have riches. Who knows, but the point is that it costs nothing to be kind, and to be polite. Money can not buy you class or elegance.

The bottom line is that there is so much in the world that you do not need money to enjoy. They don’t cost anything, but the things on this list are incredibly valuable, and at the end of the day they are the things that really matter. Of course, money is necessary for survival in today’s world, but we don’t need to be on the chase for riches all the time. Sometimes it is worth stepping back and appreciating how rich you really are, money or no money.



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