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Here’s How You Can Move Towards a Greener Tomorrow As A Yacht Owner Or Manufacturer

Yacht builders have a lot of pressure from organizations worldwide to become more eco-friendly. This has forced the yachting industry to shift its aim from a commercial revenue-driven model to a more environmentally friendly one. To be able to achieve this, some organizations have suggested reducing their consumption of fuel while others intend to focus on using environmentally friendly technology, making little to no usage of plastic, and shifting towards recycled materials. It is not only the organizations’ aim to become eco-friendly but the boat builders are asking for more clean sources of energy that can help them protect the oceans as well. Here are some ways that can help the yacht industry achieve its goal.

Increasing the Consumption of Vegetarian Foods

People on-deck order food as per their diet, needs, and likings. There, however, has been an increase in the demand for plant-based foods on yachts.

Even though the yachting menus still have meat, dairy and seafood, vegetarian food options have also been added to their menus. People visiting the yacht and the staff members can help bring a change in the environment by changing the food options provided to the customers.

This will call for an increase in the consumption of plant-based foods and less meat, dairy, and other complementary products.

Avoid Using Single-Purpose Plastic

The most common issue in mega yachts is the usage of plastic, especially single-use plastic. It is a common practice for larger yachts to make use of single-use plastic products.

The solution? Instead of offering plastic bottled water to their customers, if they, instead, install a water filtration system on deck, it will make a lot of difference. Cutting down the purchase of plastic bottled water will not only lower the cost for the yacht but more storage space will also be available to them.

Some yachting companies purchase items that are either paper-wrapped or are not wrapped at all. This paper wrap can be recycled and used in the long run since they are more environmentally friendly.

Try Using Eco-Friendly Technology

It has become a common practice for people to go all out on hybrid yachts charters across the world. Various yachting companies are finding ways in which the usage of fossil fuels is not needed. Instead, power resources like solar panels, kite sails, and converters can be used as an alternative to generating electricity from renewable resources. Some materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum can be used in place of steel to save fuel.

Use Green Materials

To make the yachting industry more sustainable, recycled material and resources that do not damage the environment, mainly the ocean, should be made common practice.

Using vegan leather and reclaimed wood in the making of the boat will make the boat lighter and more sustainable. Different types of plant fibers should be made common in the manufacturing of boats since they are known to be good for the environment and can be reused and recycled too. Examples under this category include bamboo, flax, and hemp mainly used in the making of indoor linen, curtains, and furniture on yachts.

Use Alternate Energy

Popular brands are thinking of using boats that run on solar energy and are working on various ideas in the manufacturing of boats that are eco-friendly. However, most companies’ main focus is on controlling the emission of carbon dioxide and cutting back the need for fuel.

Usage of hybrid propulsion systems has become common since it creates less pollution and helps yachts get more out of their fuel. To make the system of power management more efficient and reduce the consumption of fuel, modern technologies such as lithium batteries are used in line with hybrid propulsion systems. The most proficient way to reduce greenhouse emissions is by making use of hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems.

Following these tactics will help you get in line with becoming environmentally friendly. There has been an increase in the number of yacht companies every year, each of which is getting involved in trying to make their yacht become sustainable. They are investing heavily in research and development to take up the lead role and achieve their goals, which include staying environmentally friendly. You can also become a part of this growing community.

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