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How to Save a Big Chunk of Your Car Expenses in 2022

With the continuous increase in inflation and the rising cost of everything. The cost to buy, drive and maintain a car has also surged rapidly. According to some news, the increasing inflation will bring more difficulties to car owners to manage their cars expenses. Here’s how you can save some money by reducing car expenses this 2022.

Choose Low-Cost Auto Insurance policies

Car owners should look for low-priced automobile insurance providers, to avoid hefty payments later. There are certain conditions under which insurance dealers agree to provide insurance at a lower price. Such conditions include, the driver must have taken the defensive driving course. This course teaches the driver to avoid accidents and drive safely. Secondly, you can exempt certain coverages from your insurance policies like car rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, or, glass coverage. Removing such things from the policy might help you convince the insurance provider to provide you with insurance at a discounted rate.

Also, if you are not a frequent driver, then you should look for insurance policies by mileage. There are certain companies, for example, Smart Miles, Metromile, and Milewise, which charge premiums on policies according to the miles you drive. The average insurance cost is $1,700 in 2022, but by opting for insurance by the miles you can save up to $900, only if you are an infrequent driver. Otherwise, it is better to go for traditional insurance policies.

Look for Cheaper Gas

You have to fill up your car’s tank after every few hundred miles of driving. The average price of gas is $4.2 per gallon, which is predicted to increase further. Hence, it is a good idea to look for cheaper gas stations. There are few gas applications available, such as TruNow, Gas Guru, and GasBuddy, which can guide you about the nearest cheapest gas station. However, you can also use your GPS application to find the cheapest gas on your route with the help of Google Maps. You can compare the prices of gas stations along the way by clicking the available gas icon on Google maps, and can also read reviews from other exhausted drivers.

Use High-Quality Engine Oil

One way to reduce a vehicle’s maintenance costs is to use the correct engine oil. This can prevent the vehicle from sludge buildup, overheating, and other damages. Therefore, you should always opt for good engine oil. Also, it is recommended to use energy conserving oil as it improves car mileage by 1% to 2%

Provide Regular Maintenance

Take care of your vehicle like park it under the shade or put a cover on the car to secure your vehicle from direct sun exposure. Keep your car clean and wash it often.

Further, if you notice any malfunction or deterioration in your vehicle’s performance, try to get it fixed as early as possible before it gets worse.

Do Not Overload Your Vehicle

If you overload your car, it will put more pressure on your vehicle’s engine, and tires. Your car engine will then increase your fuel cost by a mile and tires will wear out quickly, which will ultimately increase your cost. Thus, you should not put more weight in the vehicle than it is allowed to carry according to its manual.


Carpooling is an effective cost-sharing strategy to bear less fuel and maintenance burden. You can carpool with your, colleagues, family members, or neighbors, who share a mutual direction to the destination with you. There are many applications available to assist you, for instance, Waze Carpool and Moovit Carpool are trustworthy apps where you can easily register as a driver and earn and earn a profit over the cost, or as a passenger.

Keep a Check on Your Speed

Aggressive driving is not only dangerous, but it puts more strain on your vehicle. One simple way to reduce car expenses is to drive slowly. As per the US Department of Energy (DOE) statements, driving at every 5mph over 50 Mph cost you around 30 cents more per gallon, and slowing down your speed by 5-10MPH reduces fuel consumption by 14%.

Further, it is recommended to maintain a steady speed with gentle acceleration and avoid rapid braking, as this can reduce fuel burn and provides better fuel-mileage coverage.

As prices for most of the commodities are increasing, it will be difficult to purchase a new car in the future. Therefore, it is better to take good care of your recent car and look for efficient ways to reduce its expenses.

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