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Sustainable Use of Plastic to Make Your Clothes Greener and More Environmental-friendly!

We all agree plastic bottles cause an enormous threat to the environment. However, things are changing drastically, and manufacturers are tweaking plastics to make them work for us. Today manufacturers are creating more plastic garments. In the current textile pollution, one has to opt for green clothing as it is a sign of being responsible and works towards making it environment-friendly. Some people are wearing this green garment made using water bottles.

Sustainable Methods of Recycling

Green clothing may refer to fabrics that you can get from sustainable materials, including hemp, bamboo, or recycled plastic. Most of the methods used in manufacturing these fabrics are sustainable. It reduces carbon emissions, too. If there is a raw materials reduction from energy and natural resources, you can try green clothing so that there is no compromise on fashion.

There is not much difference as far as the quality or texture between the clothes is concerned. Recycling plastic can have a favorable impact on the environment reducing air, water, and land pollution. Using products composed of recycled plastic bottles can help create sustainable living and the environment.

Reports suggest that 86% of plastic water bottles add to landfills. Around 60 million water bottles are used daily in the US. Approximately 18,834,000,000 bottles add to the landfills every year. Each plastic bottle can take close to 700 years to perish. The increasing rate of used plastic bottles is adding to the landfills and can negatively impact the environment. Fashion designers are also riding the sustainable wave and coming forward to support the environment, creating garments from plastic bottles. Even World Cup teams have gone ahead and flaunted their T-shirts, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Advanced Technology to the Rescue

How can you make plastic bottles into fabrics? Advanced technology can turn plastic bottles into fabrics. First of all, they collect, compress, and pack the plastic bottles into bales and ship them to the processing factory. After that, the chip, melt and coerce the plastic bottles into white round balls.

These balls are then crushed and spun through a shower, like a nozzle that turns into a viscose yarn. These yarns are useful in weaving fabrics that can turn them into trendy pieces of clothing. This process consumes at least 30% less energy than garments conventionally used to make polyester blends.

Even soft fleece from bottles is useful to make hats, jacket linings, and blankets. These brands make warm, comfortable, weather-protective clothing made from recycled plastics. Maki8ng clothes from recycled plastics can also reduce the dependency on foreign soil.

Reduction of Toxins in the Air

Also, it is responsible for reducing the toxin content into the air while burning waste plastic. Apart from reducing the toxic load, the fill-up of landfills with waste material is also less. Further, when weaved into the fabric, the used plastic bottles can reduce pollution in the environment. This is the right way to reduce waste from the environment.

Since the fashion world is into the concept of recycled clothing from plastic bottles, you can find recycled material from garments in stores anywhere in the world. Today, most garment manufacturers use the technique of post-consumer resin or PCR and come up with clothing lines for men, women, and children. They mix the plastic spun with other fibers and create a variety of clothing for different sections of people.


One can see a growing fashion trend of using recycled plastics to turn them into beachwear. The recently concluded summer fashion week held at Miami Beach included the role of plastics used in summer clothing and accessories. It bought home the message of using a good piece of clothing for your wardrobe, supporting the sustainable environment, and making the future a cleaner and greener place to reside in.

Recycling materials consumes lesser energy than when you make a new one. When you recycle one plastic bottle, you can save enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for at least six hours. With the environment at risk, the world has no choice but to be eco-conscious. Luckily, we can see increased awareness among fashionistas, celebrities, and commoners to move towards a more eco-conscious fashion. Would you try these clothes made from plastic? Do let us know in the comments section!

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