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Top Eco-Tourism Destinations Around The World That You Should Visit!

What can be better than going on a vacation? Well, the only other thing that comes to our minds is searching for the best Insta-perfect locations that promise everything perfect right from cuisines, and events, and more. Isn’t planning for holidays a wonderful experience?

While choosing the perfect destinations, have you considered an eco-friendly trip? Eco-tourism started with a whimper a decade ago, but it has gained tremendous momentum over the past few years. It supports several things such as flora, fauna, historical sites, the locals’ way of life, and more.

Numerous destinations worldwide are opening up to the concept of sustainable tourism. There is an increase in the number of travelers embracing the idea of tourism with a sustainability twist. Here are some of the best eco-tourism destinations that are longing for your attention.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is one of the best eco-tourism destinations. The environmentally conscious place has ticked various eco-friendly boxes with aplomb. However, this has not been the case always. A decade ago, Galapagos was at risk of overpopulation due to mismanaged tourism. In fact, it was on the danger list over a decade ago. But the government, locals, and environmental experts together turned the tables around drastically.

The Galapagos Islands boasts of endemic flora and fauna unique to this part of the world. It allows only a few travelers who can visit the protected areas and even pay a visitation fee to aid in preservation efforts. You will also get to swim with sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, and more. The fees you pay help preserve the beauty of the island and fund further research.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one country that values eco-tourism and devotes a quarter of its land to parks, reserves, and conservation areas. You may think that the whole of East Coast of America was a National Park.

Most of these lands were designated as National Parks in the 1970s, making the ideal place for embracing a sustainable environment. You can enjoy the thriving beauty of Costa Rica during a canopy walk. You will enjoy the beautiful surroundings without affecting the living creatures around you.


Locals believe in the adage of Malama Aina that means caring for the island that nurtures you. You can enjoy the bountiful beauty of Hawaii, enjoy things like how locals work the land, and cultivate crops such as coffee and taro.

They also include tours that help plant trees and restore the thriving native flora. You can opt to live in many eco-friendly residential options that run on solar power and pump water from a local well. The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows in Oahu facilitates an on-site rehabilitation program for sea turtles along with Sea Life Park.


Colombia’s sustainable travel has helped preserve the Lost City built around 800 AD. It does not even have an airport nearby, roads leading there, or train tracks to help visitors visit the place. You can visit these jungle-buried ruins through a long hike.

Apart from Lost City, Colombia has many other eco-tourism attractions, such as nature reserves, beautiful beaches, and the Amazon region. Bogota’s one great attraction is the bike path system that zig-zags throughout the city and even dedicates a day for stopping car rides. Other sustainable trekking and camping tours come from sustainable resources, making it one of the most eco-friendly destinations ever.


Micronesia (a 600-strong island archipelago) requires its visitors to sign a pact as soon as they arrive in their passport to preserve and protect the beautiful and unique island home. When the visitors visit the place, they promise to protect the flora and fauna of the place like their own.

The island has much to preserve and take pride in. Hundreds and hundreds of coral reefs are a no-fishing zone area and protect the rich biodiversity of the archipelago’s azure waters. The place also has a shark sanctuary that protects the sharks and prevents shark fishing.

It is important to be responsible tourists while traveling, and these stunning and pristine locations ensure you keep your word while you visit these places. Have you visited these places and fallen in love with their pristine beauty? Did it leave you speechless about how effortlessly the locals preserve their beloved land? Let us know in the comments section!

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