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Why Composting Is Necessary For Sustaining A Green Environment

Composting is probably one of the best ways to help the environment and bring about positive changes to our surroundings. It actually helps make the planet a lot greener and reduce pollution. Environmentalists have been stressing on this fact and have been encouraging people to take it up. In an age where global warming is a major threat to our survival, it becomes imperative for everyone to contribute something in bringing about a positive change. What are the salient benefits of composting? Let’s explore them!

Composting Helps In The Reduction Of Landfill Waste

With the staggering amount of trash produced daily, landfill sites often leave waste stagnant for quite a while before it is incinerated. Because of this accumulation, vast amounts of greenhouse gases such as methane are produced and released into the atmosphere. Moreover, the incineration process not only releases carbon dioxide into the air but also produces harmful ash waste that isn’t beneficial to the environment at all. By composting, you’re using a natural method to get rid of your waste, the by-product of which you can use for your garden!

Composting Helps In The Reduction Of Dependency On Fossil Fuels

According to several experts, home compost is always the best choice when you need some to mix with your garden soil. While the market offers various tools and methods to speed up the composting process, such us oil-reliant machinery and a certain method that makes use of high temperatures to quicken the oxidation of organic matter, there is nothing better than the traditional composting method because it produces higher quality and better compost which will make your plants flourish and bloom.

The Land Benefits a Lot From Composting

Whatever you compost at home helps in building up a suitable habitat for fungi, bacteria, worms, bugs, and other creepy crawlies. They leave behind a fodder that provides the right kind of nourishment for the plants. Moreover, zero amount of methane is emitted through a compost heap that’s well-maintained. As a matter of fact, composting is a natural way to recycle. It helps in the production of rich degraded organic matter, which you know as humus. This humus enables air and moisture to enter the soil and other gases to exit. Soils which possess organic matter pave the way for mycorrhiza fungi to build up a network between plants. This leads to a smooth exchange of nutrients. So the more nutrients you put into the soil, the richer will be the waste matter. The compost which is derived from different kinds of waste materials usually contains the vital micronutrients.

The Natural Cycle Of Life And Decay Is Preserved

Environmentalists often stress that waste, if not disposed of properly, will become hazardous to the overall sustainability of every living thing on earth. As the by-product of our daily needs, waste should be managed and taken care of as naturally and safely as possible because it will affect the quality of life of future generations. When you get involved in composting waste, you get to realize the cycle of life which revolves around decay as well as new growth.  You will learn to appreciate the fact that everything has its own space and purpose, even the tiniest microorganisms. Isn’t that something wonderful to discover while contributing towards the welfare of the planet?

You Can Compost Nearly Anything

Citizens of San Francisco can be penalized if they are found throwing food items into a garbage bin. This was implemented in an effort to reduce waste being accumulated in landfills around the state. Many believe that certain categories of food items cannot be composted. However, that’s nothing but a myth and far from the truth. The reality is that you can compost almost everything that had not fossilized. Though there are conflicting views on which materials you should compost and which you can’t, there is no strong evidence that states you can only compost a few types of waste.

Composting doesn’t involve much work and resources. It affects the environment positively and helps in creating new resources that have high potential in making your surroundings greener and healthier. By composting, you can certainly make a difference, without an iota of doubt. Hence, you can easily do your part in building up a greener planet.

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