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Top Ways You Can Give Your Thanksgiving Celebrations an Eco-friendly Spin

While the holiday season is upon us, it brings into offing the three goods, good food, good drink, and of course good cheer, and what we don’t want is the big W, namely waste. This is especially true when we take into account the packaging part of it. But there are ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You may tend to buy more groceries and prepare a feast for your family, which means many leftovers. Yeah, the bags, jars, cans, and boxes can be an eyesore at best.

You can have your thanksgiving and make it green too, yes there are simple ways of doing that. Whatever you do, begin by reflecting on your past and show your gratitude for the present. Thanksgiving allows us to be grateful for all the small, big things in the world. When we thank something, we feel grateful for it. It also helps put things in perspective and stop taking things for granted. So, here are ways to make Thanksgiving green and yet as vibrant and as cheerful as before.

Shop Sustainably

Always use products that include minimal packaging and is recyclable. Carrying reusable shopping bags are a great way to reduce waste too. Always, recycle, paper, plastic, and glass materials that you have with you. When shopping for Thanksgiving, look for products with packaging that is minimal and recyclable. Bring your reusable shopping bags with you to the store. Recycle all the paper, plastic, and glass containers that you can.

Always shop locally, go for products that have not traveled far. It will also include less packaging. Locally-sourced ingredients will ensure that you will get to re0invest in your community, which will benefit your entire community. Buying from your local farmer’s market always helps, as they mostly include locally, sourced food items that preserve nutrient potential. Also, have you shopped from your local markets? Things always taste so much juicier and tastier.

Keep It Simple

Most families tend to waste food, especially at Thanksgiving. Always, prepare your holiday meals, ensuring that there is little wastage. It may mean reducing the number of dishes you include, maybe a side dish or two. Also, always include smaller plates.

This will encourage you to eat lesser. Always try to eat eighty percent of your potential. That way, you won’t overeat and feel stuffed. Also, you won’t waste it too! Reducing the amount you eat can help reduce waste, yet it can help you enjoy a great meal.

Use Natural Decorations

A great part about Thanksgiving is that it is easy to use eco-friendly things to decorate your home. At the same time, most of us rely on store-bought products to enliven our homes’ ambiance. You can keep your creative juices flowing, by including leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, and branches. You wouldn’t believe how wonderful it all looks till you put it all together. Since they are sourced from nature, it is easily disposable and biodegradable.

Adjust The Room Temperature

It’s more likely you have guests pour in from all quarters, and that’s a house full of people. And with all that cooking, the oven is going to be running for a while. This only means one thing. The temperature of your house will remain warm even if you reduce the heating a bit! You and your guests will still be warm. You’ll be able to save energy and yet enjoy a warm and toasty Thanksgiving.

Re-Usable Cutlery

While disposable tableware and containers are the norms now, it may be super convenient too. But it isn’t what you can call eco-friendly. Instead, take out your china and serve your guests a dinner that would remind them of thanksgiving at their grandparent’s home. It has a hint of tradition, old-fashioned beauty, and class. Besides that, if you think of it, it is so much more -eco-friendly as well.

Reuse the Leftovers

The best way to prepare for Thanksgiving is to plan. Always use leftover turkey and the mashed potatoes, instead of refrigerating them. Freeze the leftovers and use them again.

Well, these are some of our tips to enjoy a sustainable Thanksgiving. Finally, Thanksgiving is an amazing time when you get to spend time with your friends and family, Use it to spend some quality time together and be grateful for the good things you have in your life. Ensure this Thanksgiving is fun, warm, and eco-friendly! Tell us how you make your thanksgiving eco-friendly.

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