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This Is How You Can Give a Better and More Memorable Business Presentation

When you’re in the field of business, doing presentations is inevitable. The higher you go up the ladder, the more business presentations you will be making. When you present, you are usually representing your company. Even for in-house presentations, you want to make an impression.

Making a lasting impression and being memorable as a public speaker takes a couple of tactics to achieve. Here are six ways you can become a more effective and distinguished speaker, and leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Analyze Your Audience

When preparing your presentation, you have to be aware of the audience to which your presentation is directed. If they are insiders, they will be familiar with the technical jargon of the presentation. They will likely expect more detail than if the audience was a group of outsiders. Outsiders are mostly seeking necessary business information about your product or even the company itself. Your content has to be customized to your audience to keep their attention and to prevent their minds from wandering.

Share Your Credibility

Sharing your professional biography even with your staff can go a long way in helping to provide some context. You can include information like where you are coming from and why you are present what you are presenting. This point is even more critical if your business presentation reaches out to outsiders. As they will need an overview of your business as well and the credibility of the company in addition to your reliability. Gaining the trust of the audience is essential if you want to make an impression on them.

Give the Tech a Rest Sometimes

Sometimes, there are ways of grabbing attention other than using a visual slideshow or presentation or a video. Get creative and have samples of your product or have interactive tools set up to get the audience interested in your presentation. You could do this without the traditional audiovisual presentation on a slideshow that everyone runs to when demonstrating or putting together a presentation.

List Your Objectives

PresentationThis should be done at the very beginning of your presentation. So, the audience is aware of what you are trying to achieve with our presentation. It also offers them some footing on following you in your presentation. Listing your reasons for being there is to help participants understand why they are listening to you. It also helps them know what to expect.

Focus On Key Points

Don’t waste time on lengthy presentations, and don’t allow your listeners to drift off. Keep them listening by keeping points brief and to-the-point and present only the most pertinent information if it is relevant to the topic. Don’t dull your presentation with unnecessary figures and data and lengthy words. Stay succinct and keep the energy flowing as you deliver the presentation. Focussing more on content than on visuals and graphics will also be more in your favor because you want your audience to walk away from your presentation, knowing what you were getting at.

Engage With Your Audience

Maintain eye contact with members of the audience. Talk to them instead of at them. Establish a connection with your audience to make your presentation a memorable one. Be relaxed and ditch the salesman or comedian antics. Engage with the audience by asking questions that lead to good interactions. It can develop your presentation further by integrating some worthwhile points that you may have left out or points that may require extra attention.

In short, change your business presentation methods around and become more memorable. Make your listeners remember your key points. That way, you can effectively communicate large volumes of information to people in any easy-to-assimilate fashion.

Remember to practice your presentation well. This way, you have room for being casual. Otherwise, you will sound robotic. Even worse than sounding robotic would be ‘winging it,’ as you won’t have the impact you are looking for, and you may end up being memorable – for all the wrong reasons! Don’t end up being the joke of the day! Also, practice makes perfect. So, you can count on it that after a few presentations, you will get the hang of public speaking. You will be well on your way to magically harness the attention of your audience whenever you take to the stage (or the front of the boardroom/conference hall)!

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