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Skipping Breakfasts Often? Be Prepared To Face These Consequences!

Even if you have heard it innumerable times, you need to hear it again – breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day. After a gap of several hours of rest, the one thing the body needs is breakfast. It has to be healthy, filling, and of course, delicious. Only then will your body be more receptive towards it. You might have a terribly hectic morning, you might not feel like having breakfast at all since you think you’re not even that hungry, or you might wake up so late that it is close to lunch time. But, none of these excuses is good enough for you to miss your breakfast.

Having a healthy lifestyle is your key to looking good and maintaining great health as you age. It does not mean that you should start eating healthy and doing exercises only once you reach a certain age. But that shouldn’t be the case; you should start taking care of your health as early possible. And the first rule is to have your breakfast. You still aren’t convince? Well, here are five things that can happen to your body when you skip your breakfast:

You Might End Up Gaining Weight

In case you thought skipping meals will make you lose weight, let us tell you once and for all that this is a myth. Skipping meals will only add to your woes! It might even make you fatter. Being hungry early in the morning will actually make you eat more at other meal times later in the day. A study found that people who had breakfast regularly maintained a healthy weight. Experts also opine that having food rich in fat content helps us reduce cravings at other times of the day. Moreover, having your morning cuppa without having any food might mess up your digestive juices and keep you bloated and unhealthy throughout the day.

You Can Get Diabetes

Few people know that when they skip meals, especially breakfast, they are actually increasing the risk of getting diabetes. Harvard University conducted a study that found that women who skipped breakfast were more likely to get diabetes — they had a 20% higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes. Impaired glucose tolerance, prediabetes, and diabetes are often associated with skipping breakfast.

Your Metabolism Becomes Sluggish

Since losing weight has become one of the biggest fads of the year, it is no secret that having sluggish metabolism interferes with our endeavors to lose weight. But did you know that skipping your breakfast might make your metabolism slower? Since your body is not getting enough calories, it automatically slows down the metapbolic process in your body to make up for the calorie restriction. Hence, when you don’t eat for long periods, it affects your body’s ability to lose or burn calories.

It Makes You Irritable

Skipping breakfast can actually make you irritable, moody, and angry. It is sometimes called the “hangry” effect. Increased irritability and mood swings are not the only problems you might get when you miss the first meal of the day. You might end up getting tired easily and have headaches. It can also cause low blood sugar which, in turn, contributes to the irritability factor. Hence, if you want to keep smiling throughout the day, be more productive, and have good relations, eat your morning toast and eggs!

You Can Get Bad Breath

Sounds weird, but is true. When you skip having breakfasts, you might end up getting bad breath. And we are not talking about the morning breath here. This might stay with you for the rest of the day. Why? Breakfast encourages saliva production and removes the bacteria from our tongue. When you stop having breakfast, the bad odor becomes a constant. Think again! Do you really want to jeopardize your social life or get a bad rep for having stinky breath? No, right? Having breakfast in time might save you.

Now that you have enough reasons not to skip breakfast, concentrate on incorporating healthy food. Caffeine might be your morning addiction, but have it with your breakfast rather than on an empty stomach. Start your day with a fresh fruit or nuts, and have your breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up. If you follow these, it will give you good gut health, and your body will stay healthy for a long time. Eat well!

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