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Traveling On A Budget? Check Out These European Hostels!

Gone are the days when traveling on a budget meant sacrificing all luxuries and staying in dirty, smelly places. A hoard of boutique hostels has made backpacking close to luxurious. Moreover, the tariffs are even less than half of the budget hotels. If you are planning your Europe trip soon and struggling to pay your college loans at the same time, we have some good news for you. Here is a list of hostels that have some of the cheapest nightly rates yet are quirky enough to make you feel very special, not to mention comfortable.

Kadir’s Top Tree House, Olympos, Turkey

Heading to Turkey? You must visit the breath-taking Olympos beach which is not just known for its natural beauty but is also the breeding ground for loggerhead turtles. Sounds interesting? If you intend to stay there, book Kadir’s Top Tree House. Remember to book it months ahead to ensure the best deal. This place is just a stone’s throw from the beach. Not only you can stay in a treehouse, this place is immensely cheap. You can stay here for a night for as low as $12, and it includes your breakfast and dinner, too! It couldn’t get better than this, right?

Casa De La Musica, Budapest, Hungary

Most people think London, Paris, and Amsterdam when they think of a Euro trip. They fail to include Eastern Europe in their itinerary. As a result, many parts of Eastern Europe are still off the beaten track and a lot less cheap than the rest of the continent. Budapest is one of the most budget-friendly cities in Europe. Located in the city center is the hostel Casa De La Musica where you can stay for just $10 a night per person. The place has free internet and an outdoor pool as well. During the summer months, there is a lovely terrace bar that keeps guests entertained even when they are not going out to explore.

[email protected] The Steam Engine, Waterloo, London

However exotic the Eastern part of Europe may be, if you don’t include London in your trip, your trip remains incomplete. But, did you know that this is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world? But that doesn’t mean you have to shell out big bucks when you decide to visit. You can stay at the [email protected] The Steam Engine for $21 a night! Though it is close to London, it is not exactly within the city proper, but the place is great with cheap eateries surrounding it.

Arty Paris, Paris

When you are in Paris, it is hard to stay away from art. What if you can actually stay in an artsy hostel? Yes, Arty Paris offers a nice and clean accommodation with tons of amenities. Who says you have to stay in a shady run-of-the-mill budget hotel when you are on a shoe-string budget? In Paris, you can live in style in an art-deco building just for $37 a night. Sure it does seem a bit steep compared to other cities, but imagine being in Paris for that meager amount?

Hostel Rynek 7, Krakow, Poland

Stay in a 15th-century building while visiting Poland! If you are in Krakow and want to enjoy its nightlife to the fullest, then you must stay in Hostel Rynek 7. The place is very close to some of the best attractions in the town like the St Mary’s Basilica, Main Square, and Wawel Castle. You can stay here for as little as $9 per person a night. In case you didn’t know, the Main Square of Krakow is one of the biggest marketplaces in Europe, and this hostel is located on the Square, giving you the opportunity to have the best time and cultural immersion for a small price.

WOW Amsterdam

Located close to a railway station, this hostel is every backpacker’s dream come true. Despite being a city with expensive living standards, you can stay at WOW Amsterdam for as cheap as $28. The hostel also has a contemporary art space and several in-house artists. They even offer special programs for budding artists. The city welcomes creative people with open arms, so this is your chance to show off what you are good at or to simply appreciate the diversity of art itself.

Traveling on a budget requires you to have a solid plan. Book cheap but safe and clean places. Walking tours are also a good idea since some of them come for free and use public transport. Estimate a budget and start saving accordingly. It is doable. To have a memorable trip doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive.

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